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  • Nov 9, 2023
  • 6 Min

Transforming Client Collaboration — Nimbus Becomes FuseBase


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Hey, if you are reading this, you’ve probably noticed we’ve undergone some changes. But this article is not about us, the main character here is you — our motivation for transformations.

We’ll tell you more about how you changed our perception of things and defined our path to growth. Ready to hear all the backstory and find out about your future? Let’s dive in!

New Brand, Final Vision, New Collaboration Standards

The last couple of years have shaken businesses hard with economic recession, fast tech development, including emerging AI technology — and we’ve noticed how service businesses struggle to keep up with the changes while delivering results to their clients. It seemed like everybody was waiting for an iPhone moment.

Pause… Wait, what’s the iPhone moment?

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, it was the right time. Technology and demand were already there. After the iPhone was released, we all switched from flip phones to smartphones. Some tech giants like Nokia and Blackberry were unable to adapt and lost their competitiveness.

So, that was it. The iPhone moment. We’ve defined it as our mission — to make sure you will be on top of your competition. Our goal as a company has been based on giving you the right solution so you, as a business consultant, coach, digital agency, or any other service provider, can easily use and customize it. Because your business sizes and projects scales differ, our solution is able to adapt to you.

New Brand Name — A Story Behind It

When we set off on our mission, there was a feeling that we could offer more than we planned for Nimbus initially.

With our solution, you can combine your internal teamwork inside workspaces and external collaboration with clients in the client portal. You actually fuse it.

And that’s how FuseBase appeared.

Final Vision — Kitchen for Team, Dining Area for Clients

Not only did our name change but also our approach to challenges. While the core remained the same, we’ve reimagined the user experience behind it. To make it more comfortable for you and your clients to reach common goals, we’ve decided to centralize all instruments in one intuitive platform. As Paul Sher, FuseBase CEO, states:

We chose the latest technology and figured out the way to deliver outstanding product through time-tested solution.

Restaurant Concept in Details

In every restaurant, you have a kitchen that’s a professional area for you and your team. It’s where you work on your meal — a product or service. The kitchen needs to be organized. Everyone should have their instruments and know what to do.

There is also a dining area where you deliver your services or products. Your clients enjoy getting the service, but you don’t want to invite clients into the kitchen. There is simply no need to explain all product preparation details to clients. The result is the most important thing.

To keep your service business up and running, you must have two completely different areas in one place to deliver outstanding service and work efficiently at the same time.

In FuseBase, we’ve applied this concept and provided you with both kitchen and dining areas. The kitchen is your internal team work hub where you can create materials, collaborate on them and manage projects. The dining area is a client portal where you can brief your clients, provide them with deliverables and collaborate on them until the final result.

But as they say, it’s better to see once 👇

New Collaboration Standards — What’s Next

You’ve probably noticed from the video above that our interface has changed. Now it’s even easier to navigate within your workspaces and client portals. All information remains in place, and you get a more intuitive and speedy platform.

But we didn’t stop there. How could we? We are actively raising collaboration standards and plan to add more powerful features for you.

Check out the roadmap of your upcoming updates >>


Hopefully, we’ve given you a good sense of why we’re rebranding Nimbus. Providing you with the best service while you deliver it to others is quite a challenge, but we are here on the mission for you and with you. Check out the latest versions of FuseBase, collaborate with them and feel free to share your feedback. You are our driving power!

Your Questions, Our Answers

  • Who owns FuseBase and Nimbus products such as Screenshot, Clipper, Note etc?
    Nimbus Web Inc is a software  company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. We develop productivity apps and services. FuseBase represents the latest evolution of the Nimbus product portfolio.
  • When will the change from Nimbus to FuseBase happen?
    It’s currently happening. All of your folders, documents and uploads will be migrated automatically. We’ll keep the old version until the beginning of 2024. Now you can switch the old version in the bottom menu. If you use client portals, you can write us at and we’ll switch them to the new version as well. Starting in 2024, all client portals will only work with the new version.
  • How are you different from others?
    Project management tools are too complicated for client collaboration. Clients won’t use them. PM tools don’t have Portals (what we call a dining area) to deliver services in the easiest and most professional way. Traditional client portals provide very basic file exchange, and they don’t have a backend system for business like PM tools (aka the kitchen). We provide both, so you can deliver a Michelin-level service!
  • Will the structure be the same as it currently is in Nimbus?
    Absolutely, your account structure will remain the same. You don’t lose any data you already have — organizations, workspaces, folders and pages all stay in place. We also continue to support CNAMEs.
  • Will Nimbus AI be integrated into FuseBase?
    Yes, it is one of our core features to help you work on tedious tasks faster. We are planning to supplement FuseBase AI with additional functionality, like getting answers based on your knowledge bases only in FuseBase.
  • Will limits change?
    If you bought a plan, it will remain the same while your subscription is active. This means we won’t change your limits for users, workspaces, guests, OCR, storage, etc.
  • What will happen with Nimbus Capture and Nimbus Clipper?
    There will be no changes to Nimbus Capture and Nimbus Clipper yet. We’ll continue supporting them so you can still use them as usual.
  • Are you planning to add more integrations?
    We currently support more than 2000 integrations, including Zapier, and we’re planning to add more.
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