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Working with Nimbus Note: our personal experience

We are often asked “Are you yourselves using your service and if so, then how exactly?” We definitely do, and the service was originally conceived for personal needs, becoming public over time when we realized many users could benefit from our know-how. In this little article I will tell you more about how I personally use the service to organize our work.

Folders and tags for tasks and ideas

The life of any software or app consists of many cycles – it goes from one version to the next. Before introducing a new version, we define a list of tasks that need to be completed for this new version. Where do we get those tasks from? There are many options here: users’ feedback, personal ideas and ideas we stumble upon when doing the research. There are also fixes for crashes and bugs. To store all those ideas and tasks we obviously use Nimbus Note. We created special folders for each project – EverHelper, FVD Speed Dial, Nimbus Note and so on. Subfolders are used for the apps themselves:  Nimbus Note for Android, Nimbus Note for iPhone and so on.

The actual ideas we record in special notes. There are notes with tasks for the nearest future, and there are those that can wait their turn. We also came up with special tags, like “urgent tasks” and “completed tasks”. With the help of those tags we can view notes with relevant types of tasks for all our projects.

Download Nimbus Note – https://nimbusweb.me/note/

Working with web-clipper

I already mentioned above that personal ideas make the lion’s share of all features in our apps. Of course, they do not just pop up in our heads, rather than result from studying various sources of information. Every day we process dozens of websites and hundreds of internet pages. It’s impossible to remember everything, and there is really no need for it: this is what Nimbus Note and Nimbus Clipper are for! The main distinction of our browser clippers is the possibility to edit video clips before sending them to the server.

If we are interested in the entire article, we just highlight the most important fragments with a special highlighter. If we are interested in only a handful of fragments or phrases in an article, we save those with a special tool or clear the irrelevant text in the preview window.

Download Nimbus Clipper – https://nimbusweb.me/clipper/

Obviously, all of the above is just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities available to Nimbus Note users. We will do our best to share with our readers further subtleties of working with our product whose aim is to make your life so much easier.

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