Want to present updates to your clients? Forget about pushing all the links and files to a single email! Instead, use our template for Updates & Tutorials! Easily inform your clients with embeds, highlights and roadmaps on what's going to be next. It's also a great idea to include tutorials for your clients to make the collaboration process smooth and clear.

A template that works! Special thanks to Selle Evans, a Nimbus user who created this template for her company. Selle and her team kindly shared this practical template with our community.

Updates & Tutorials for clients

Use this template to deliver updates and tutorials to your clients.
Gather multi-format information on a single page to make it easier for your clients to see the whole picture.

How to use:

  • Inform your clients what the update is.
  • Embed other platforms to show your clients what has changed.
  • Tell more about the next steps.
  • Add a tutorial for your clients if needed.