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Work Under Your Name with a White Label Portal Powered by AI tech

Collaborate with clients and partners in no-code mini websites that reflect your name and brand. Deliver your services professionally with no mention of third-party tools.

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Why You Should Try a White-Label Client Portal

The best white-label client portal is already waiting for you. FuseBase provides you with unbeatable powers, you turn them into a medium to speak for your brand and services.

Look and act professional

Make the portal a part of your brand story and stand out from others

Avoid scattered information

Narrow down your information channels to one credible source

Supercharge collaboration

Build a solid bridge between your client’s requests and their realization

How You Can Use White Label Client Portals

Get ready to boost your white-label customer service and exceed expectations like never before.

Parade Your Brand

Design your white-label portal to reflect your brand identity. Set the desired theme, change colors, logos and URL.
Even system emails will be sent from your domain. Make your brand recognizable, no tech skills required.

Gather Everything under One Roof

Forget about a jumble of links, files and email threads. Stick to one source of truth in one branded portal.
Integrate all needed tools and dashboards and keep files, agreements and deliverables within one-link reach.
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Align Your Team and Clients

Make it all about reaching clients’ goals professionally. Help your team and clients understand each other better.
They can set tasks, discuss details and reach agreements. All interactions happen under your name and brand.

What People Are Saying About White Label Portals

“Why white label? It’s easy. I would like to have a document at my address, with my logo. No thinking what that is. No questions why FuseBase, what is FuseBase. Easy association of what it is and who sends it to me. If I can send useful information, the client should associate it with my name. The name (brand) is important to me.”


Internet Marketing Consultant

The real draw for us was the white-label client portal that allows us to host these pages on an easy-to-use and share platform. The native embedding feature also allowed us to securely share large datasets with our clients without them having to ever leave the portal which was a huge bonus in terms of ease of use.


Marketing Manager at Leadable

I use FuseBase to organize projects for my recently created Agency. FuseBase work as a portal for my team and clients. For each client and project we create a workspace and I invite the team members that will work in that specific project / client.

Online Instructor (Udemy) and University Teacher

What You Can Also Do with FuseBase

There is more to FuseBase than just white-label client portal software. Supercharge your productivity with all FuseBase solutions.

Eager to Try?

Take a step towards promoting your brand with our white-label client portal.
Get access today, or learn more details from our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

A white-label portal is a customizable no-code website that allows companies to rebrand and personalize it as their own and promote their services. You can use white-label portal software as a project knowledge base, company wikis, interactive client space and more.

There are only a couple of simple steps to get your white-label client portal started.
  1. Register your account in FuseBase.
  2. Click on the “Portal” icon in the left sidebar of your workspace.
  3. Fill in the information to set up your white-label client portal. Pick a portal name, choose the desired domain and so on.
  4. Add pages from your workspace in Nimbus Platform and customize the portal per your needs. Add your logo, theme and color and integrate other tools and widgets.
By choosing white-label client portals, you’ll get:
  1. Brand promotion. Showcase your business identity by working under your domain and with your logo. Mention of FuseBase is totally erased from your portal so you can promote only your brand and services.
  2. Customization. Tailor the portal to the specific needs and preferences of the company. The portal is flexible and can serve as your company wiki, collaborative forms and more.
  3. Better client experience. A white-label client portal provides a centralized hub where clients can access relevant information, updates, reports, and collaborate with the company more effectively.
  4. Scalability. Our white-label portals are always evolving. We add new features all the time to make it even more comfortable to work with, and so it can be scaled and expanded as the business grows, accommodating increasing client demands and adding new features or integrations as needed.

Sure! While creating a white label portal you can make it public or private. Within the private portal, you can set access and editing permissions for your visitors. That means you can freely add invoices, meeting notes or other important data without any worries.

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