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Seb Vissers

Success story of Seb Vissers

Marketing Manager at Leadable


I am Seb Vissers, the Marketing Manager here at Leadable. We are an Irish remote agency that offers highly personalised outbound solutions, mainly focusing on email marketing. I work closely with our Account Executives to offer new solutions for our clients, mainly when it comes to data transparency and KPI tracking.


Before Nimbus, we could not find a time and cost effective way to share data with our clients. Due to the nature of our work, we would need to share large lists of contacts, pages of copy for them to review, and of course share campaign metrics. Before Nimbus, we would have to share this information using a variety of sources such as Notion or Google Docs for the copy, Google Sheets for the contact lists, and we would track their metrics using other BI tools such as Klipfolio. This of course was not ideal as it was messy and some tools were not intuitive for our clients to use. It could also create some unnecessary friction where, for example, Notion required a login when sharing pages for copy review, however, not everybody wanted to create an account.


As a result, we found ourselves searching for a platform that could be a single source of truth for our clients. Some self-service no-code solutions seemed promising but did not fit our use case due to their learning curves, loading speed issues, and limited functionalities. Not to mention the price points that many of them have! Nimbus seemed to meet all of our initial requirements with their platform that could serve as a ‘backend’ for a client facing portal. It was incredibly easy to pick up and start designing pages for clients that included all the info they’d ever need. This is especially true because the support we received from the Nimbus team was unmatched. From hosting an in-depth onboarding to implementing requested features extremely quickly – they have been unbelievably helpful!

The real draw for us was the new portal feature that allows us to host these pages on an easy to use and share platform. The native embedding feature also allowed us to securely share large datasets with our clients without them having to ever leave the portal which was a huge bonus in terms of ease of use.

The way we use Nimbus is that we have a blank template set up for all the sections we’d need such as a welcome page, onboarding recaps, reporting, messaging, etc. Our Account Executives or project manager would make a copy of the Pages template and start populating it with the client’s information before onboarding them. That way their portal will always be personalised to their company which is very on brand for us because we’re all about personalisation and relevance! We’ll share a link that allows them to view the portal without creating an account unless they specifically request a login – which is a nice option to have.


So far the results have been great! It’s a lot easier from a client’s perspective now to access all the information they need as well as being able to share their own comments, questions, and concerns. Having a custom made portal with the option to have it hosted on our domain also makes it look a lot more professional. As a remote agency, one of our most important things to consider is our tech stack; with the proper tools in place we can really set ourselves apart from other agencies while making both employees’ and clients’ lives easier.

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Marketing Strategy Template. Image by Nimbus Platform

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AJ Rollsy

Author, consultant and entrepreneur
Founder of the CORE Marketing Method

“I estimate that I have saved about two hours per week and more critically have not lost some information that has proven to be very valuable in my work thanks to Nimbus”


Chase Masters

Technology & Strategic Project Manager

“Nimbus Note provides a lot of features that Evernote had that I use regularly, and I am thrilled to see that it actually does WAY more than Evernote did. Embedding Google Docs, websites, videos, etc. will be super useful moving forward.”


Federico Jorge

SaaS LeadGen Copywriter

“It helped me change my mindset from a “we’ll figure it out as we go” stance to a “let’s document how we do this” mentality, which is how scalable businesses should work.”

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