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Success story of Federico Jorge

SaaS LeadGen Copywriter


I’m a consultant for SaaS companies. I’m currently looking for a way to scale my business without having to work endless hours. I had an idea for a productized service to build a certain kind of landing pages for SaaS, but no matter how much I spent thinking about it, I couldn’t get it off the ground.

This business should be easily repeatable, so I can automate and delegate most of the work. To do this, I felt like I needed a solid way to record my processes and share them with the people I’d be hiring.

I wanted a tool to keep my SOPs organized and easily accessible. I was using a combination of local files, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, PDFs and notes to do all of this. But it was too difficult to save all in one single place, keep updated, and share with others.


Nimbus Note was the final push I needed to commit to this new project and start building the business’ foundation.

Nimbus meets all my needs in terms of recording and organizing notes, while giving me access to a repository of SOPs I can easily build and update.

Not only that, having Nimbus on my side gave me the confidence to stop delaying things and hire a VA to help me. If I didn’t have Nimbus, I wouldn’t be able to organize her tasks and keep a record of all the documents we create. Now that she’s been added to my workspace and trained on how to use Nimbus, we can build our systems and processes and keep them all in sync.

A new productivity habit I’ve gained with Nimbus is that now I save a record of most things I learn. Anytime I come up with an idea to do something easier or faster, I go back to Nimbus and update the relevant process. Or create a new one. This habit of creating training assets is going to have a major impact on my business once it’s ready to scale up. This is a mindset boost that wouldn’t have been possible without a tool like Nimbus, which helps me record my stuff with ease.

The best thing? The whole working process is now easy to document. Now I have everything in Nimbus, from training to checklists for each task. This eases up recruiting and helps me delegate larger parts of the work without losing high standards.


It’s still too early to understand the impact that Nimbus has and will have on my business, but so far I can say:
  • It optimizes my work greatly, saving me at least 10 hours a month on one-on-one training with employees.

  • It makes sharing tasks with my VA easier than email, and we can always use those notes to term them into SOPs if we need to, in the future.

  • I’ve went from having a wild idea of a new business venture, to a tangile, documented list of processes that make the business a reality.

  • It helped me change my mindset from a “we’ll figure it out as we go” stance to a “let’s document how we do this” mentality, which is how scalable businesses should work. I went from a bunch of scattered and inconsistent docs to a repository of +20 SOPs that are consistently formatted and updated.

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Monnel Espiritu

Skill Hacker at Skillful.Me
Co-Founder Skillful.Club

“I’ve managed to build and improve my skill acquisition framework using the many functionalities using NN and received positive feedback from my coaching clients using NN”

Chris Closset

of Stoic By Design

“We highly recommend Nimbus notes to any creative business, or just about any business which relies on notes, documents, and paper to save and share ideas and processes.”

Venkatesh Balasubramanian

Group CEO
Compunet Connections

“Nimbus Note helped us to organize ourselves better. We run multiple projects, so workspaces helped. We no more have to tell our team what kid of documents they need to prepare.”

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