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Personal Productivity

How to do it all! Or some thoughts on battling your own laziness

The impassionate statistical data shows that over 30% of working time is spent on idle talk and useless tasks. The remaining 70% we are really trying to do something useful, but we never seem to have enough time because we are not capable of using our internal resources effectively. Constantly running out of time we find ourselves under a lot of stress. How to break the vicious circle and boost your own effectiveness?

First and foremost, let’s dispel some myths

Willpower is all you need to achieve your goal. This is what we’ve all been taught from a very young age, this is what they’ve been telling us throughout school and college years. But is this really true? Is willpower sufficient to achieve the maximum work efficiency?

Turns out, it’s not. We seem to have forgotten our body is not a machine. It has limited resources and there are different processes running at all times. Taking all that into account, you can truly understand how to make yourself work most efficiently.

So, in a nutshell, maximum efficiency can be achieved if you distribute you energy resources wisely and replenish them regularly. What does that mean specifically? It means that you should give your full attention to the problem on hand, focusing completely on solving it within the limited timeframe you have. And then you need to give yourself some well-deserved rest. Surprisingly enough, this resting time will become the best motivation to be most effiicent while dealing with that specific task or problem.

Scientists discovered that the highest efficiency is achieved when you observe the proportion of 90:20. Having dedicated an hour and a half to work, you need to rest and relax for 20 minutes. That way, your body will be working in its most efficient and productive mode, rather than going into the energy-saving mode observed in most office workers.

The best way to relax, given the common lack of possibility to leave your working place, is a Live Start Page. A dynamic live picture will take the strain off your eyes and switch your brain to the resting mode, which is what it really needs. The meditation mode will help you fully distract from any current tasks and problems.

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 Don’t try to get started – just get started

Does this heading look confusing to you? It’s not as strange as it may seem. Many people, when facing a difficult problem, take their time trying to approach it from different angles. Some never actually get to the task itself, distracting themselves with numerous useless preparations. It’s in our nature to throw in the towel when it gets tough. Our imagination conveniently provides us with a clear picture of potential difficulties and obstacles. This is how most of our long-term goals disperse as we try to move towards them.

So stop mustering your courage and resolve – just get down to it! There are many proverbs that urge you to do the same – “What man has done, man can do”, “a good beginning is half battle” etc. The appetite comes with eating, and efficiency comes as you start working! Keep in mind that along with common laziness and fear of difficulties, every human has another important trait of character – an aspiration to accomplish something they have started.

 Leave the multitasking to Julius Caesar

It hasn’t been long since multitasking was praised as a defining characteristic of a modern man. Many experts kept saying how much you can accomplish and how quickly if you could do several things at once. Well, it’s time for you to let go of this is little delusion, as a series of experiments dispelled the erroneous theory.

It’s actually the other way round – trying to do several things at once gives you the opposite result of what you are trying to achieve. Firstly, you are unable to concentrate on every little detail of the problem being solved. Secondly, switching from one task to another takes time. Thirdly, this jumpy working mode can derail your nervous system.

If you are curious, perform your own experiment with a stop watch. Try doing several things at once and write down how long it took you. Then try doing the same tasks one by one. You will be surely surprised at the results.

 Having a deadline keeps you disciplined

Numerous experiments prove another interesting fact: clear timeframe helps you succeed in achieving your goals. This is why the latest trend is keeping a personal organizer to write down your tasks,  or goal charts as they like to call them these days. By compiling a list of tasks and introducing time limits to complete them, you will find it psychologically easier to concentrate fully and complete a certain task. And it goes without saying that checkmarks next to every completed task speaks for the real efficiency of every employee.

You will be sure to find Nimbus Note apps very useful. Use them to distribute notes and tasks, as well as set reminders by time/location/phone number to make sure you always keep tabs on all your important events and meetings.

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