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New in Live Start Page – meditations from mindfulness teachers really help

At the average office, the productivity level leaves much to be desired. There are many reasons for it – a whole bunch of distractions like social networks, surfing the internet, pointless chitchatting with colleagues. Our mind ends up cluttered and we are unable to enjoy a productive working process. So what can be done? Turns out, there is a way that’s great for effectively clearing your mind. It’s been there for thousands of years and its effectiveness stood the test of many generations.

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Meditation is the best way to get rid of your brain junk

We all understand full well that even a most organized homeowner has to do some cleaning up around the house from time to time: put things back to their places, do some mopping, ventilate the rooms. After doing all that you can feel how much easier it is to breathe, not to mention how awesomely productive you become.

Tranquility and success go hand in hand

You can easily arrive at this conclusion by analyzing real success stories. Most successful people keep their emotions in check one way or another. Some do it with the help of autogenic training, others resort to other psychological methods, some practice meditation.

The way human psyche is wired up, only in a calm state can a person think rationally, work most efficiently, reason logically and act adequately. Meditation helps achieve tranquility, cleanse the brain from unneeded thoughts to focus on what’s important at the moment. Studies have confirmed positive effects of these practices. The positive effects go far beyond work productivity having tremendous benefits for your general state of wellbeing.

Meditation in LSP – the most enjoyable and healthy way to boost your own productivity

Live Start Page users have known for a while that our start page offers a possibility to meditate. In this mode, all distractions are off while you can contemplate beautiful live wallpapers. In the new version of Live Start Page we added special a variety of themed meditation audios. All audios are unique and have been created especially for our service. For starters, we added meditation audios that promote relaxation and boost work motivation. Their number will increase with time.

A beautiful “live” picture, calming music and meditational voice of a professional psychologist – all that is there to help you clear your mind, awaken the inner energy and let your intuition open up fully. Meditation is great for harmonizing your body offering tranquility, peacefulness, placidity and complete confidence in your own abilities. And what else could you possibly need to move mountains?

P/S And great news for those that prefer regular static wallpapers – you can keep using those while still being able to enjoy the live wallpapers from our gallery in the meditation mode ).

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