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New Nimbus Note for Android – work with images and improved location-based reminders

A new version of Nimbus Note for Android has been released. In this version, special attention was given to location-based reminders and working with pictures in notes.

Editing pictures in Nimbus Clipper

Our Nimbus Clipper app has long been a valuable tool when working with Nimbus Note. Now, besides being able to save articles from the Internet and working with PDF, you can change pictures straight from within a note. Just tap on the required note and it will open in a convenient editor. There you can put text or various elements right on the picture or, for instance, blur a fragment of it.

Rotating/replacing/removing pictures

Didn’t like a photo’s perspective? Need to get rid of unnecessary pictures in an article? It’s no longer a problem! In the new version of Nimbus Note, you can rotate pictures, replace them with other ones or remove the ones you do not need. It’s all in your hands!

Improved location-based reminders

We did some serious work on that important feature. Your geo location is now determined much more precisely without draining your battery.

Download Nimbus Note for Android –

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