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Nimbus Note is a flexible yet comprehensive information repository that helps you simplify your work and bring your team together.

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Organize all aspects of your business into individual workspaces and folders

Each workspace is independent, with its own notes, folders, reminders, and members. Create multiple workspaces for every project and turn chaos into an organized environment.

Create multiple workspaces — one for each of your projects.

Keep project data separate — Each workspace is entirely separate from other workspaces.

Easily maintain security and project focus — Each workspace has its own users, content, and permissions.

Keep order in each workspace — Сreate folders and subfolders within each workspace.

Continuous team collaboration — Teams can readily coordinate by accessing work items in a single, secure location.

Access workspaces from anywhere — Mobile phone, desktop, or directly at the Nimbus website.

Business Roadmap

Plan your roadmap visually and keep everyone in alignment. Define what’s important and share your vision. Share the big picture with your team and send updates as you develop more ideas.

Define your strategic goals. Nimbus Note can help your teammates quickly come together to brainstorm, share, and define requirements with less effort. Provide all your employees with access to Nimbus Note to get on the same page. In a single workplace, you can attach sketches, define user stories, manage feedback, and quickly reach consensus.

Business Asset Management

Organize all assets in easy-to-find environment. Collaborate with teammates to get things done. Create a central repository for ideas and marketing tools.

Use Nimbus Note to revolutionize your approach. Stop using multiple software tools to collect and manage your data. Nimbus Note is perfect for teams of all sizes. Whether you're a startup or a small business, you can easily organize all of your team development data into a single workplace. Use @mention to links to specify teammates, workspaces, folders, and notes.

Easily prepare Standard Operating Procedures

Bring more structure to your business by defining processes and workflows that work. Guide your team with step-by-step instructions for efficient, consistent, and safe conduct.

Provide better context

Begin with a brief overview, define your goals, then add links to relevant documents that your team can research and understand more quickly.

Add action items

Quickly create task lists and use the @mention feature to assign duties to different teammates.

Scan documents & snap photos

With the Nimbus mobile app, take pictures of serial numbers, scan documents.

Use Nimbus Capture for team management

Create dynamic training videos to save time otherwise spent on long and boring text guides.

Use Nimbus Capture to provide a wiki for team training. Create training videos for your teammates, so that anyone of them can study whenever it’s convenient.

Add screenshots and videos to your knowledge base. Create a personal learning environment, using video to easily explain team roles to new members.

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Easy IT administration and high security

Nimbus Note offers easy-to-use business administration features.

At Nimbus Note, we maintain the highest commitment to keeping your data safe. This encryption is always active—both when data is transmitted and when it is in storage. Nimbus Note employ the same 128-bit SSL encryption in use by major online financial services. SSL provides a secure connection anytime data is sent or received. Any data that you store in Nimbus Note is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. To ensure the highest level of protection, Nimbus Note keeps the encryption keys in an entirely different location from the encrypted data.

Refine your searches

Find important information faster. Prevent your team from spending unnecessary effort and time searching for information. Use Nimbus Note for quick, comprehensive searches that you can refine as necessary.

Refine your searches with virtually any important parameter. Save it as a predefined search so that you can search faster in the future.

Powerful all-in-one editor to achieve your goals

Nimbus Note doesn’t use a simple HTML editor that limits functionality. Our editor was built from the ground up to support objects and attachments, so you can include whatever you want in the note. Write and format text, capture and insert screenshots, or take photos with the camera. Embed PDFs and other documents into your notes. Record audio while you’re taking lecture notes. Also, it’s easy to add many other objects and use @mentions to link content.

  • Сreate notes, docs, wikis, and more
  • Easily create tasks & lists
  • Databases, spreadsheets, and tables
  • Organize and share your notes and assets

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