Nimbus Web Inc Media Kit

Hey! We have prepared this media kit so that you can learn more about our company and mention it in your media (article, blog post, or video). Our media kit includes the following sections:

About Us

Slogan: Shape your information. Deliver Knowledge. Simply and efficiently.

Origin: Nimbus Web Inc is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Products: Nimbus Web advances tools for information and knowledge management.
The company's eco-system unites three products: Nimbus Note, Nimbus Capture and Nimbus Clipper.

One place to manage and share all your information.

Nimbus Note is an app that allows the creation of shareable notes, to-do lists, wikis and databases. With it, you can easily create shareable superdocuments that include manageable blocks of text, images, video and embeds.

The nested structure, handy editing tools and great embedding features make Nimbus Note an efficient app to organize your knowledge. You can use it on all platforms (desktop, mobile, iPad) and offline.

Nimbus Note is also a great solution for your business. We provide branding customization and an organization console to suit your brand's desires and needs. Nimbus Note is also a great white-label product that helps organize all crucial data and improves communication among both colleagues and clients.

Visual messaging. Show what you see

Nimbus Capture is a visual messaging tool that makes screenshots, screencasts, and videos. It enables instant picture annotation with arrows, highlights and text. Visual messaging proves to be faster and less ambiguous than typing; that's why Nimbus Capture is a necessary tool in the remote work era.

Clip everything. Save, process, achieve

Nimbus Clipper helps you organize information by saving only relevant content from web pages, PDF and emails. Easily select pertinent paragraphs and/or images and eliminate all unnecessary elements such as ads or links.

With Nimbus Clipper, you can manage content from the start and keep only the essentials. All the selected data goes to the Nimbus Note account and is easily shareable.

With Nimbus Web Inc products, it's easy to transform information chaos from multiple sources into an organized workplace.

If you are wondering how to use Nimbus Note to the fullest, check out our universal guide here >>


If you have any questions, please contact us at
We would be happy to provide detailed information about our company and products.

Press about us

We are delighted to be highly reviewed by various media outlets.
Find out more about what popular media say about Nimbus Web Inc and our products here >>

Nimbus vs. Other apps

In the modern world, data organization is of paramount importance and many companies propose their solutions for better information management.

However, Nimbus Web goes beyond similar services. We propose you:

  • a nested structure of folders and subfolders with an unlimited number of levels;
  • the ability to create superdocuments that contain various content types (text, images, video, audio, embeds, and database tables);
  • several separate workspaces with permission settings for each;
  • visual messaging via Nimbus Capture;
  • document search and image recognition (OCR);
  • Web Clipper, tags and great embed features in a user-friendly platform.

If you are wondering what exactly makes us different than other note-taking apps, take a look at clear comparison tables and see why numerous clients choose us instead of them. On this page you will find only raw numbers that help you compare plans, features and prices>>.

Nimbus Web Inc brand assets

If you want to mention our company or its products, please use our brand assets. The Nimbus Web Inc brand involves phrases, logos, banners, designs and other distinctive brand features associated with us.

We've prepared this media kit so that you don't need to negotiate legal agreements for each use. Feel free to download the Nimbus Web Inc logo, banners and design to speak about your experience with our products.

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