Nimbus Media Kit

Hey! We have prepared this media kit so that you can learn more about our company and mention it in your media (articles, blog posts or videos).

Our media kit includes the following sections:

About Us

Slogan: Shape your information & streamline collaboration. Simply and efficiently.

Origin: Nimbus Web Platform is based in Delaware.

Products: Nimbus Web Platform advances tools for collaboration and information management.

The company's ecosystem unites three products: Nimbus Note, Nimbus Capture and Nimbus Clipper.

Our products

Nimbus Note is a great tool for collaborating with teams & clients. You can use it to organize your information in a clear way with workspaces, folders and super documents. Gather all your content & ideas on a single super page and share it in one click with your colleagues & clients. Our powerful editor includes manageable blocks of text, databases, files, videos and embeds from other services.

Choose Nimbus Note to empower your business with on-brand environments. A White-Label solution together with branding customization and an organization console will help your clients live and breathe your brand.

The nested structure, handy editing tools and great embedding features make Nimbus Note an efficient app to organize your knowledge and enhance your collaboration. You can use it on all platforms (web, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad). Click here to download the needed version >>

If you are wondering how to use Nimbus Note to the fullest, check out our universal guide here >>

Nimbus Capture is a visual messaging tool. It's a perfect solution for your work and business collaboration. You can use it for video presentations, business proposals, team alignment & feedback and more!

Make screenshots & personalized videos with Nimbus Capture, it's quick and reliable. Each second of your video is saved on the server even before you finish the recording. You can easily create GIFs for quick instructions or make annotated screenshots. Easily demonstrate exactly what you mean: use arrows, highlights, numbers and text!

The Nimbus Clipper app helps you organize information by saving only relevant content from web pages, PDFs and emails. Easily select pertinent paragraphs and/or images and eliminate all unnecessary elements such as ads or links.

With Nimbus Clipper, you can manage content from the start and keep only the essentials. All the selected data goes to the Nimbus Note account and is easily shareable.

With Nimbus Web Platform products, it's easy to transform information chaos from multiple sources into an organized workplace and bring your collaboration to the next level.


If you have any questions, please contact us at We would be happy to provide detailed information about our company and products.

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Press about us

We are delighted to be highly reviewed by various media outlets. Find out more about what popular media say about Nimbus Web Platform and our products here.

Nimbus Web Platform brand assets

If you want to mention Nimbus Web Platform or its products, please use our brand assets (phrases, logos, banners or designs) in high resolution and without changes.

Feel free to download our brand assets from this page and use them to speak about your Nimbus experience.

Our logos:

Nimbus Web Platform logo


Nimbus Note logo


Nimbus Clarity logo


Nimbus Clipper logo


All logos


More variants of our logo:

Nimbus Web Platform Designs:

Here, you'll find more static and motion designs for all the Nimbus Web products. Use them in your content to offer extra value to your audience!