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Finally! A solution to work with non-tech savvy clients for digital professionals

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Nimbus Web - is an all-in-one workspace for Agencies and Digital Professionals that takes your client collaboration to another level

Save your time by creating an all-together collab & info hub in Nimbus. Deliver an exceptional experience to your clients through all stages: from lead generation to project completion

Tasks and Workflows

Do not overwhelm yourself and your clients with complex project management tools. Nimbus tasks are built to be effective and easy to use.

❌ Without Nimbus

❌ Switching between tasks and tools decreases your productivity by 40%


❌ Reading and responding to emails steals 28% of the workweek


❌ Inefficient meetings take another 8% of your workweek


❌ Emails can be misinterpreted and lead to rework

✅ When you use Nimbus

✅ No more chaotic switching between tools – all information is in one place


✅ Collaboration with non-techy people. Do not scare your clients with complex tools


✅ Share any content with just one link: text, digital information and files


✅ Personalize your communication with visual messaging

Outstanding on-brand experience and efficient client collaboration for your business

• Let your clients live and breathe your brand with a full white-label portal in Nimbus

• Enhance your collaboration and grow your business

• Use visual messaging to add a personal touch to your business communication

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Okay, how does it work?

All-in-one docs for all devices

• Unlike traditional docs, Nimbus Docs you can put everything into one document

• Combine and share all types of deliverables in one document and collect feedback

• Grab valuable information for your work all over the Internet

• Use Nimbus Docs on any device and even offline


Collaboration in the white-label solution

• Collaborate with clients under your brand, not a third-party service

• Personalize customer experience

• Secure information with access settings

• Collaborate & share pages with clients without registration

• Exchange feedback and thoughts through comments


Ideal structure for personal, professional and enterprise use

• Infinite nested structure for folders and subfolders

•Dedicate workspaces to your clients, departments and projects

•Flexible granular permissions and privacy controls


Visual Communication

• Nurture relationships with your leads and clients

• About 80% of customers prefer video to text

• Recording videos is 3x faster than typing

• Collaborate on creative and complex information without losing context

• Convert viewers into customers using CTA’s on videos


Include any tool that supports embeds or provides JS scripts to your Nimbus system

Don’t use a Swiss knife to go through a jungle of competition! 

 Unite the tools you already use the most 

and maximize their efficiency with our all-together solution

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