Nimbus for Teams and Business

Keep information from multiple sources in organized workplace. Collaborate with your team and clients: record, comment, and share.

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Nimbus for Teams and Business

Branding and access through your website

Replace the Nimbus Note logo with your company logo and connect it to your website. Make Nimbus Note personalized for your team and clients. Your team and customers will access all information through your website link if needed. All Public Pages could be under your branding as well.

Client/Guest accounts
for your Business

You don't need to pay for your clients. We created special accounts, so you can invite your clients and guests and not worry about the fees.

Client/Guest accounts for your Business

Integrate third-party services like chats, call-to-action, analytics

To provide better customer experience you can integrate Intercome-like third party services. For example, Support-Chat service or chatbot. If you want to use call to action buttons, you can integrate call-to-action services as well. If you need more insights, you can integrate almost any analytics service.

The best structure for Teams and Personal use

For teams/businesses, Nimbus offers Organization Console that allows managing users, workspaces, billing from higher level.
Create as many isolated workspaces as you need with teams and different access levels for every workspace.

  • Team - By Projects
  • Team - By Department
  • Team - By Client
  • Personal

Manage privacy and access

Nimbus Note provides various roles and access permissions. Every workspace in Nimbus is isolated. The same user can have read-only permission in one workspace and admin permissions in another.

Real-time collaboration. Note editor for any type on content.

  • Сreate notes, docs,
    wikis, and more
  • Easily create
    tasks & lists
  • Databases, spreadsheets,
    and tables
  • Organize and share
    your notes and assets