To keep things easy and efficient for you, we’ve provided helpful templates for all your different needs—from marketing plans to HR tracking. The templates are completely customizable and can be used to organize all your projects, meetings, goals, strategies, and more.

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Meeting Agenda
When you have meetings, there are certain things you need to cover before getting started. Whether it’s a weekly staff meeting, a monthly board meeting, or a quarterly company retreat, there are key items that should always be included.
A meeting agenda template can help ensure everyone knows in advance what they need to bring, and it helps keep them focused on the right topics. An agenda can save time and stress by ensuring that all attendees know exactly what needs to be covered.
A meeting agenda template can help you save time when planning one. Instead of spending extra time writing up a detailed agenda, you can simply use the meeting agenda template and save yourself time and energy while still providing all the information needed for an effective meeting.
Start using the free Nimbus meeting agenda template today to create and lead more effective meetings with your team.
Student Information
Teachers can use this template to gather information about students. It helps easily keep track of key information on each student in an organized and easy to understand way.
Exercise Log
Using this exercise log, keep track of your workouts and monitor your fitness activity. By keeping tabs on the numbers at the gym, you can set goals to increase the intensity of your workout or set new goals for your running times.
Project Template
Easily keep track of an individual project with this project planning template. Lay out your purpose and objectives so you can stay on task and work with your goals in mind.
Job Search Tracking
Applying to jobs can involve several applications and multiple rounds of interviews. To keep the process structured, make use of this template for important job search information.
Project Tracker
Do you work with multiple clients or freelancers? Or maybe you just have a lot of projects going on at once?
Do you find yourself spending more time than you would like tracking projects and tasks? Are you constantly forgetting important details?
When you're juggling multiple projects, you need to stay organized and efficient. A project tracking template can help you manage your workload and make sure everything gets done on time. It's an essential project management tracking tool.
The Nimbus project tracking template will save you hours every week. It is quick to set up and customize. It works for managing both personal and professional projects.
Cornell notes
Finding information on a plain document or processor can be frustrating. Make sure your class notes are organized and tidy by using our notes template.
Cornell notes
Course notes are a huge part of school and studying. If you have endless pages of notes, managing everything can be a challenge. Instead of taking notes on a blank document, use our template to add structure to the way you record course content.
Cornell notes
Bring order to your study strategies by using this course notes template. This template includes individual tables for categorizing and organizing information. Include references, key points, and questions.
You've Got This
If you’re juggling multiple tasks, assignments, projects, and deadlines, then it’s easy to lose track of your work. Laying out everything with structured tables and checklists can help you stay organized so you don’t overlook anything.
Weekly Habit tracker + Scores
Incorporating new habits into your day can be challenging. How many times have you made new goals without following up with them? It takes time and discipline to form new patterns.