To keep things easy and efficient for you, we’ve provided helpful templates for all your different needs—from marketing plans to HR tracking. The templates are completely customizable and can be used to organize all your projects, meetings, goals, strategies, and more.

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Eisenhower Matrix
Try the Eisenhower Matrix template to prioritize your tasks and build a consistent plan of action. Use Nimbus templates to organize your life!
Conference Scheduling
Our conference schedule is a simple spreadsheet that serves as a useful tool for creating an organized meeting schedule that can be shared with staff and attendees. You can use this template for one-day or multi-day events, or for conferences with several speakers who will be presenting in different rooms.
My plans for today
With the Daily Planner template you will get highly performance daily action planner for productivity, happiness and time management. It will assist you to reduce your stress and anxiety, line up your goals and balance your life.
Financial Tracking
Managing money, sticking to a budget can be easier with this Financial Tracking template. Track you income and expenses daily and then use the data to track monthly finances and set the goals for the next month.
Life Balance
Life balance is the state of equilibrium where a person equally prioritizes the demands of one's career and the demands of one's personal life. Use this template to reach your life balance by tracking each aspect of your life and rating the results.
Personal Mission Statement
Use this template to state a short motto that will guide every decision you make. It should be considered as a “reason to be.” Many experts think personal mission statement can turn someone from a “rudderless ship” into a goal-focused success.
Daily Review
Introducing daily planning with this Daily Review template into your routine is an easy but essential step. Create balance in your life - plan your day, follow your tasks, set daily goals and priorities. Use the template to review your day in the evening and plan the next day more effectively.
Weekly Review
Weekly Review Template is your assistant in planning and summarizing the week. Use habit tracker as well to stick with a habit for good. Think about takeaways you get at the end of the week.
Monthly Review
The Monthly Review Template will help you achieve monthly goals step by step. Use calendar to plan your month - stay focused and goal-oriented. Dream big - work hard!
Daily Review Page
This Daily Review Page template allows you to plan a single day by the hour, add morning reflection, to-do list, self-affirmation and end of the day reflections. Keep your day organized and plan ahead for important meetings, events and deadlines. Use it daily to plan and review your action and thoughts.
Weekly Action Plan
With the Weekly Action Plan template in your productivity template gallery, you can make more time for you. Use this template to plan your week in advance to stop wasting time and stay on top of your to-dos and commitments.
Today's Top Priorities
This template can help you to reduce stress by prioritizing your tasks for the day accordingly to your goals. Write down all the tasks you need to accomplish in particular order, mark your wins, check what is boosting your energy or identify the cause of having an off day.
Productive day
We are all too busy and the challenge of staying organized and on a schedule is becoming counter-productive. Use this daily planner template to organize your whole day agenda in one place and stay focused every day.
Quarterly Review
Make personal quarterly review with the help of this template and see how you have been tracking with your goals and intentions. Increase awareness on your goals, on where your resources (i.e. time, energy, money) have been going, identify your behavioral patterns.
Weekly Preview
Plan the week ahead so you can achieve clarity and confidence over what your priorities should be for the upcoming week. Use this template to plan you goals, actions, tasks, analyze the previous week and be even more productive.
Daily Pages
This template will assist you to organize each day by planning, using tasks lists and structuring to focus on the main priorities. Be productive by using this template every day.
Daily Rituals
The important thing which helps to achieve the goals is consistency. Use this Daily Rituals Template to keep up with simple rituals every day.
Rolling Quarters
Plan months in advance so you can keep track of your goal achievement for the upcoming quarters. Use this template to number all the goals you plan to achieve the next quarter and keep the progress by using checklist .
Goal Detail
Set powerful goals with the goal detail pages so you can start the process for achieving them. Use this template for every single smart goal and achieve the goals easily.
Don't forget your assignments and track your homework. Achieve your study goals as the homework increases knowledge and improves students’ abilities. Doing homework is extremely effective when preparing for the lessons or exams.
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It's much easier to get organized if you have a plan. In our planners, you can jot all your tasks and mark dates needed. We offer different types of planners to increase your productivity and improve your life.

Our planners will help you improve your health (habit tracker, healthy eating plan), finances (expense tracker, budget planning) and goal achievements (weekly preview, daily pages). You can customize them without any trouble to get the most out of them. Become more organized with Nimbus Note!