Try the Eisenhower Matrix template to prioritize your tasks and build a consistent plan of action. Use Nimbus templates to organize your life!

Eisenhower Matrix template

Sometimes you can get overwhelmed by the countless tasks. Having a to-do list helps not to forget about anything important, but it doesn't give a clear, spet-by-step roadmap. If you want to elaborate a consistent plan of action, use the Eisenhower Matrix Template. For each task, define the importance and urgency. Then, place each task in the corresponding quadrant. Once you have accomplished some tasks, move them to the "Done" section.

This template was created by Nimbus user Dawa Law. Now every Nimbus citizen can use it to become more productive. We are grateful and proud to have such a great community!

How to use:

  • Write down all your assignments.
  • Decide a category for each task, drag and drop it to the relevant quadrant.
  • Do, Decide, and Delegate!
  • Move accomplished tasks to the "Done" section. Reflect on them and move to new assignments!