In the email to your prospects, include a link to the Nimbus pages. There, you can describe your services in detail, add all needed files and make a client proposal that will stand out!

A template that works! Special thanks to Selle Evans, a Nimbus user who created this template for her company. Selle and her team kindly shared this practical template with our community.

Client Proposal Template

With Nimbus, you can gather all crucial information for your client proposal on a single page. Add your company description, include files & embeds and invite your prospects to book a meeting with you without leaving the tab!
You can also add chat or CTA elements to your Nimbus pages so that your clients can accept your proposal easier.

How to use:

  • Start with how you can help your prospects. Show what you're going to do for them and what results it may bring.
  • Add information about your company and services.
  • Tell your prospects about the next steps: what they should do? (Book a meeting, click the "Accept the proposal" button).
  • If there is a need for a meeting, embed Calendly right into the Nimbus page. Don't forget to write the points you want to discuss!