Client Profiles help you remember all the important things about a specific client or project. There, you can put together all crucial information about the client or company you are working with: their site, social media accounts, preferences, maximum work hours, platforms they use and much more. Keeping client profiles allows your team to share knowledge more efficiently. If new teammates join the project, they just need to take a look at the client profile to get the needed background info.

A template that works! Special thanks to Selle Evans, a Nimbus user who created this template for her company. Selle and her team kindly shared this practical template with our community.

Client Profile Template

Keep your client profiles to enhance knowledge sharing inside your teams! Gather all important information about a client or a company you're working with. This way, you'll have a knowledge base for the client where you can find the company's site, social media accounts, preferred platforms, preferences and terms of the project.

How to use:

  • Start with the Client / Company background: their site, social media accounts and other important links.
  • Add a link to your Meeting notes (here you can find the template>).
  • Include goals and things to look out for.
  • Once your work is finished, add your client's feedback.