You can use the following plans when working with Nimbus

Nimbus Free
Nimbus Pro
Notes Number
100 Unlimited
Monthly Upload Traffic
100 Mb 5 GB
Single Attachment Size
10 Mb 1 GB
Max. Note Size
50 Mb 1 GB
Attachment Type
ImgFile ImgFile
OCR - extract text from images
- +
Search text in images
- +
Search text in documents
- +
Recognizing of business cards
- +
Advanced encryption
- +
Premium Support
- +
Other Benefits
Having Nimbus Pro account you will be also upgraded to EverHelper Pro account for FREE. service provides sync/backup browser/mobile bookmarks and FVD speed dials. You can use same Nimbus Pro account to access services. More information -
Get started:
Free Only 4.99$/Month
24.99$ per year

Unlimited notes

You can store up to 100 notes in the Free plan. To store unlimited notes, upgrade your membership.

More monthly uploads

Send and synchronize up to 5 GB of notes to Nimbus Note every month.

Large attachments

Currently you can upload files up to 10 MB, but with Nimbus Pro, you can attach files up to 1 GB!

Extract text from images

Nimbus Pro uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from images, so you can copy and edit text from pictures as if they were notes. For instance, copy a phone number from a business card or pull a quote from a scanned document.

Search text in images

Search text in images with the OCR feature in Nimbus Pro. For example, search for the last name on the saved image of a business card or find the account number on scanned documents.

Search text in documents

Nimbus Pro indexes text in PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT, HTML, and other common document types so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

Business card recognition

Scan business cards and instantly convert them to digital notes with searchable text and phone numbers.

Advanced encryption

Protect your information better with options to create more unique encryption keys.

Premium Support

Get quick answers to your questions with priority support from our help team.