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Success story of Venkatesh Balasubramanian

Group CEO

Compunet Connections


I run a software company based in Chennai, India. Due to Covid, my team has started working from their locations. MY biggest challenge is that, my team of around 30 people work from some remote villages where even internet connections are not stable. We used some tools to connect to the team and the customer and we had one issue or the other. Communication and Collaboration was failing.


Nimbus Note helped us to organize ourselves better. We run multiple projects, so workspaces helped is to give relevant access to the team. Nimbus Capture was very helpful in recording bugs and features and sharing it across the team Templates made our life very easy. We no more have to tell our team what kid of documents they need to prepare. This also established consistency. Giving access to our customer using custom domain made it very professional. It also increased the credibility in the minds of our customer that we are taking action to solve issues.


Proposal approvals – Now happens within one working day, which otherwise would be going back and forth between the team The Personal CRM template has been a killer for us Communication Thread between the Developer, Tester and Customer has reduced drastically. Digging through our mails to look at related communication has reduced the time taken also reduced irrelevant noise in the communication. Sending the notes and docs using the email id to the workspace helped is reducing unnecessary usage of space in our mailboxes.

If your engineering team has many different documents,

use this template to organize it all! Label everything you

need and keep everything in one place.
Check Docs for Engineers template.

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Chris Closset

of Stoic By Design

“We highly recommend Nimbus notes to any creative business, or just about any business which relies on notes, documents, and paper to save and share ideas and processes.”

Federico Jorge

SaaS LeadGen Copywriter

“It helped me change my mindset from a “we’ll figure it out as we go” stance to a “let’s document how we do this” mentality, which is how scalable businesses should work.”

Monnel Espiritu

Skill Hacker at Skillful.Me
Co-Founder Skillful.Club

“I’ve managed to build and improve my skill acquisition framework using the many functionalities using NN and received positive feedback from my coaching clients using NN”

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