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Success story of Chris Closset


of Stoic By Design


Stoic by design creates wisdom inspired art to help fuel your entrepreneurial journey. We condense the big ideas found in stoicism as well as from philosophy and business leaders to create inspirational artworks for your home or office.

The biggest challenge for us is research, organising key ideas, and organising our team to create inspirational content for our website and social media channels, as well as collecting inspiration and ideas for our artworks. With so many ideas, concepts, and great books it’s easy to get lost in notes and scribbles, making it more challenging to get the team as a unit.


We recently started using Nimbus as a way of centralising all our notes, ideas, brainstorms, and plans into one platform the whole team can access. Whenever someone sees something that can be of use, they can bookmark it, take a screenshot, or write about it so that we can review later.

The mobile app is super useful for taking notes when reading books or doing research, whilst we try and minimise our use of tech for productivity this is the one major exception to our rule.

Nimbus notes also enable us to catalogue our inspirational quotes, research and artistic ideas so that we can have a searchable resource all the team can contribute to.

We are also using Nimbus to catalogue all our customer feedback, reviews and custom projects so that we can use these later in our marketing and art creation.


Thanks to Nimbus notes we no longer rely on different systems, paper notes, notepads, and chats to run our business and we look forward to adding more things into Nimbus, such as our processes, internal documents, checklists and project statuses.

My team and I have been using Nimbus for a while. I see that we’ve become more efficient and have fewer instances of unnecessary duplicate information. In addition, there is less miscommunication happening since all the updated information is kept in one place.

We also love the fact that you can use it on just about any platform, whether it may be on a web browser, desktop app or mobile phone app for convenient document access or note taking.

In a nutshell – we are now able to focus much more of our time on our one thing: inspiring more entrepreneurs with timeless wisdom.

We highly recommend Nimbus notes to any creative business, or just about any business which relies on notes, documents, and paper to save and share ideas and processes.

Check out Brainstorming Template, with its help you can come up with different questions and ideas. Share the template with your team, and gather everyone’s thoughts.

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AJ Rollsy

Author, consultant and entrepreneur
Founder of the CORE Marketing Method

“I estimate that I have saved about two hours per week and more critically have not lost some information that has proven to be very valuable in my work thanks to Nimbus”

Venkatesh Balasubramanian

Group CEO
Compunet Connections

“Nimbus Note helped us to organize ourselves better. We run multiple projects, so workspaces helped. We no more have to tell our team what kid of documents they need to prepare.”

Federico Jorge

SaaS LeadGen Copywriter

“It helped me change my mindset from a “we’ll figure it out as we go” stance to a “let’s document how we do this” mentality, which is how scalable businesses should work.”

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