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Success story of Monnel Espiritu

Skill Hacker at Skillful.Me

Co-Founder Skillful.Club


I help people learn new skills so they can build honest, viable, and fulfilling multiple sources of income in the gig economy. I noticed that one of the biggest hurdles in skill acquisition is the overwhelming amount of resources out there. The learning curve gets steeper than how it actually looks in reality because of this feeling of overwhelm.


After digging deeper into people’s learning problems, I realized that the reason they get overwhelmed is not about the amount of information they have access to. The problem is that many lack the organizational skill, systems, and processes to manage the information they consume. They aren’t “trained” to turn information into a working and evolving playbook they can refer to anytime. This is where Nimbus Note steps in for my coaching clients. Aside from the core note-taking feature, with Nimbus Note, I can easily create tasks and processes around consumed information. Everything from screen recordings to articles is in one organized place.


Although I only started using Nimbus Note in 2020, I’ve managed to build and improve my skill acquisition framework using the many functionalities of this tool. I’ve also received positive feedback from my coaching clients using NN as their personal knowledge management tool. In the future, I will be supporting my coaching clients in building their skill playbooks and NN is going to be one of the foundational tools in supporting them to build their dream lifestyle. 

Monnel Espiritu has also created an amazing
Growth Marketing Experiment template.
Check it out to keep track of your ideas and growth

hacking experimentations!

More case studies


AJ Rollsy

Author, consultant and entrepreneur
Founder of the CORE Marketing Method

“I estimate that I have saved about two hours per week and more critically have not lost some information that has proven to be very valuable in my work thanks to Nimbus”

Chris Closset

of Stoic By Design

“We highly recommend Nimbus notes to any creative business, or just about any business which relies on notes, documents, and paper to save and share ideas and processes.”

Federico Jorge

SaaS LeadGen Copywriter

“It helped me change my mindset from a “we’ll figure it out as we go” stance to a “let’s document how we do this” mentality, which is how scalable businesses should work.”

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