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Document and business card scanner in Nimbus Note for iPhone and Android

We are happy to announce the addition of a new camera to Nimbus Note that can be used for scanning documents and business cards.

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Download Nimbus Note for iPhone –

Document scanning

Today’s smartphones come equipped with cameras perfectly capable of replacing standard cameras. Pictures taken with a mobile device, especially with good lighting, have decent quality. It therefore comes as no surprise that smartphone cameras can be used for practical purposes beyond taking snapshots—such as scanning a document or a bill. This is what Nimbus Note’s new camera mode, the document scanner, is intended for.

Here is how it works:

– Press Take a picture;

– Select Documents mode;

– Take a picture of your document;

– Check to see if the app defined the document borders correctly. If not, define them yourself. You can also rotate the picture.

On the filters page you can make the picture black-and-white (perfect for documents) or enhance colors (if scanning magazine articles).

Scanning business cards and recognizing the contents

The business card scanner allows you to take an image of any business card and save its contents (name, e-mail, company name, etc.) as a note. The note can then be used as any other, for things like:
– copying information;
– calling the phone number or adding it to contacts;
– sending an e-mail;

and so on.

How it works

Place a new business card on a table or any other surface, press the picture note button (or press Take a picture from inside an empty note). Then select the Business Card mode and take a picture. Nimbus Note will digitalize the business card and recognize the data from it, creating a searchable note in your account that contains all the relevant and important information on the new contact (name, phone number, company, address etc.)

In our guide, you can read more about mobile document scanner. In addition, you can learn how to scan a document with nimbus clipper for android.

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