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  • Sep 28, 2017
  • 3 Min

Nimbus Capture — now also available on MacOS


Try Nimbus Capture on MacOS Today! Capture Screenshots with Ease

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We are excited to announce a full-fledged release for MacOS, with the app now available at MAC store. Down below we’d like to take a few minutes to tell you about our app’s main features.

Download Nimbus Capture for MAC –

In case you are not yet familiar with Nimbus Capture: it’s an app that helps you make and edit screenshot and screencasts that can later be saved to PC of Nimbus Note.


Making screenshots is the kind of thing we get to do dozens of times a day, so we created this app primarily based on our needs. And these are pretty straightforward: what’s usually needed is to take a quick snapshot of a certain area, add arrows, circles and get a link to the final version in order to send it to a specific person (or save to PC). The app has all those needs fully covered.

You can make a screenshot of the entire screen, as well as a certain area (can select with the mouse or set the size). The screenshot can then be edited in the convenient editor where we brought together only the top requested features (you will not be seeing another Photoshop here). If you do not need the editor at all, you can disable it in Settings and save images to your PC in a single click.

The final result can be saved to PC or sent to Nimbus Note. A bit later we will make sure to add a few other saving options.

Recording screencasts

There are often situations when a single screenshot is not sufficient for making a task clear. The good news is that you can also create full-scale videos. You can make a screencast of the entire screen or a pre-selected area. After making the screencast, you can view the result in the built-in video player; you can make video screenshots while playing the video.

Sending files to the server

Our app allows sharing files with other people just as quickly. You only need to click on Upload files, then drag and drop archives, media files, documents etc. You will then get a link that you can send to your friends and colleagues.

Latest screenshots/screencasts

Urgently need a link to a video or screenshot you already sent to Nimbus Note? There is no need to open the web client for that. Just click on Sent Files and you will see the list of recently uploaded videos and screenshots. From there you can then quickly get a link to them to share them with others.

Upgrade your screenshot experience with our experts!

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