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With Nimbus Note as your knowledge management solution, your development teams can simplify engineering workflows and increase efficiency for faster deployment.

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Syntax highlighting and Markdown

Embed code inside your content, and apply syntax highlighting for all major programming languages. Write and format your code faster using Markdown commands and hotkeys.

Manage your tech docs and requirements

Centralize company-wide knowledge to enable better collaboration in your team.

Whether you need to organize technical docs, manage requirements, share files, or communicate with teammates, you need a solution that can keep everything organized in a central workplace.

Maintain your roadmap and sprint plans

Effective teams need a place to maintain and publish plans, goals, and objectives.

While your team is working hard on the details, you can use Nimbus Note to develop and clarify the big picture. This can help everyone focus on what's really important.

Successful development begins with a strong technology roadmap, in which all moving parts are clearly on display. Nimbus Note makes managing easier, since problems are found before they become roadblocks, and communication becomes instantaneous.

Track bugs, requests, specs, and more

Track all bugs, feature requests, specifications, and all other project artifacts in a single workplace that’s easily accessible to everyone.

No need to type. Send videos or screenshots using Nimbus Capture

Use Nimbus Capture to provide a wiki for team training. Create training videos for your teammates, so that any of them can study whenever it’s convenient.

Efficient Bug Tracking with Nimbus Capture

Create video recordings of application bugs to save time and increase clarity. Quickly record a problem to show one or more subtleties in behavior, then readily share it with your team.

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Onboarding new tech teammates

Onboard new teammates onto a project more quickly by presenting them with everything they need to know to succeed in their roles. All in one workplace.

Need to set your new hires up for success? Create a welcome document that highlights what’s most important. Then, direct them to your company wiki and knowledge base articles. Provide a single document set to all team members. Here they can find all the answers, so you can avoid spending so much additional effort in repetitive training.

Retro meetings

For development teams to effectively track their weekly milestones, it's essential that all teammates are dancing to the same tune.

The best way to motivate your team is to provide constant recognition of achievements. Set up your board in a way that will show who's responsible for what – this way recognition and accountability are clear.

Powerful all-in-one editor to achieve your goals

Nimbus Note doesn’t use a simple HTML editor that limits functionality. Our editor was built from the ground up to support objects and attachments, so you can include whatever you want in the note. Write and format text, capture and insert screenshots, or take photos with the camera. Embed PDFs and other documents into your notes. Record audio while you’re taking lecture notes. Also, it’s easy to add many other objects and use @mentions to link content.

  • Сreate notes, docs, wikis, and more
  • Easily create tasks & lists
  • Databases, spreadsheets, and tables
  • Organize and share your notes and assets

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