Blended, online, and on-campus education suite app

Thousands of educators use Nimbus Capture and Nimbus Note as an educational app with an online whiteboard for teaching.
It's an easy solution to use and integrate into any school - confirmed by our loyal users.
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How to keep students engaged and focused?
This quick 3-minute demo video shows some of the many benefits your school gets using Nimbus Suite for educational objectives.
Benefits of using Nimbus Capture
Bring video messaging to your day-to-day work and collaborate effectively using our classroom technology tools.

"Nimbus has helped me connect with my students and model my expectations for each assignment"

Stephen_Yost - Teacher at Bethel Park School District

Stephen Yost

Teacher at Bethel Park School District

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  • Save time by creating video - recording is almost 6 times faster than typing
  • Receive verbal and emotional feedback
  • Boost student engagement and achievement
  • Communicate asynchronously with parents, students, and educators
  • Help students study better
Get things done more efficiently
with teacher tools
  • Use a web camera and online whiteboard for teaching to communicate like in a real class setting
  • Prepare step-by-step instructions using the special online learning tools
  • Provide instructions for slide presentations
  • Record instructional videos for teachers and school staff
  • Review assignments
  • Provide personal feedback
What is Nimbus Capture?
Visual collaboration and Engagement for teachers, students, and school IT specialists.
  • Record and annotate
  • Take screenshots
  • Easily upload or download
Benefits of using Nimbus Note

"Nimbus Note made the transition into the remote learning world easier for me as an educator"

Janet Pollock


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  • Keep critical documents and information in one place
  • Organize & share knowledge with the entire school
  • Fully control settings for privacy and flexible permissions
  • Build super documents that provide more engaging content for students
Get things done more efficiently
with the best app for teachers
  • Build a research and knowledge hub
  • Organize curriculum & schedule
  • Draft lesson plans & assignments
  • Create classroom start pages
  • Track student attendance and performance
  • Review student e-portfolios
  • Use a ready-made teacher toolbox
  • Add teacher checklists and lesson planners
What is Nimbus Note?
Build super documents and bring all your information from multiple sources into one accessible place. Embed classroom technology tools into your notes and create your own personal app for school.
  • More powerful than traditional docs
  • Build start pages for your classes
  • Embed everything including Google docs
  • Empower your LMS and Webpages
  • Access from everywhere, even offline
Fully customizable templates to help you get started and organize all your information
Go paperless with Nimbus Note.
Scan paper documents with Mobile app and access from anywhere.
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Built for schools
Nimbus Note and Nimbus Capture were designed to be compatible with schools' needs.
Easy to use and integrate
Nimbus Suite can be seamlessly integrated to your existing workflow.
You can start using it with no instructions from day one.
Manage all accounts in one place
Nimbus provides access to an Organization Console where you can manage and transfer licenses, payments, and more.
Our team can assist you with any technical questions.
We provide demos and trials
Your school or district can contact us for a personalized demo, trial, and consultation.
Our team will be glad to provide all necessary information.
Privacy and Security
iKeepSafe has certified Nimbus Web Inc's products (Nimbus Note, Nimbus Capture, and Nimbus Clipper) as fully compliant with COPPA, FERPA and CSPC.
This is the most secure level of certification for educational technology products.
Google Integration
Students and educators can access through Google Authentication (Google SSO).
Additional registration steps are not needed.

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