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Nicole Royer

Languages: english, spain

Average client size: Medium (11-50)

Details about your service:
As an innovation consultant, Nicole Royer has helped over 300 businesses and organizations. Her company, Innovative Revolution, has helped companies develop culture to support idea, build teams to brainstorm and test those ideas, then train on the best practices to turn ideas into customer solutions since 2018. Throughout her career, she has started twelve businesses, selling four of them and manages three today: Innovation Revolution, Jeanne, which is an internet-of-things based home monitoring company, and Moms Who Game, an organization that make video gaming more accessible to moms with tutorials and reviews. Fun fact: Best-selling author and Wall Street Journal cartoonist Stu Heinecke called her Wonder Woman in his 2019 book "Get the Meeting" where he featured a case study on her method of deep personalization for marketing.

Startup consulting, Innovation consulting, Operations strategy

About you / Intro

The team keeps talking about the productivity training we received- we learned how to be more aware of how we waste time and how to be more efficient!
Kathleen M.

I like Nicole's ideas. They are innovative and changed my business for the better.
Danna J.

Leveling Up: Your Mindset Action Plan is an amazing course. The information was very beneficial for my business. And your time is worth the money.
Tara D.

Nicole provided me with a lot of clarity in times where things became overwhelming.
Stef M.

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