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Purdeep Sangha

Languages: english

Average client size: Medium (11-50)

Details about your service:
We offer group and private coaching as well as project consulting.

Business strategy, Customer service, Marketing strategy, Streamlining operations, Building high-performance teams, Business leadership, Innovation, Executive coaching, Business coaching, Mindset & leadership coaching, Client retention

About you / Intro

Purdeep is an internationally acclaimed personal advisor and coach to high-performing executives and entrepreneurs. He teaches men how to become The Complete Man; a man who achieves ultimate performance, fulfillment and victory in every area of his life. He shows men how to live at their highest potential and be the best possible business leader, husband, father and man they can be.

From the very first moment he started managing employees at the age of 16, he was fascinated with business growth and leadership. Purdeep has spent his entire career solving complex problems and enhancing results for businesses and the lives of men. He has significantly increased the the performance and bottom lines of businesses ranging from startups to seasoned corporations in countless industries. He is the “ideal” coach for businessmen as he has a vast understanding of how work and life fit together to complete a man’s life. Purdeep has extreme expertise, skills and insight in business strategy, marketing & sales and also has expert knowledge in innovation, customer experience, high-performance teams and operations. He has spent tens of thousands of hours studying, researching and experiencing business and personal growth opportunities around the world.

“…Purdeep is the AUTHORITY who will take you to the top.”

What Purdeep Does

Purdeep has a remarkable ability to enhance business income and personal performance by looking at the situations from completely different perspectives. He identifies the real roadblocks to growth, overlooked opportunities and options and the possibilities to growth that are unseen by men. This skill has captured the attention and respect of CEO’s, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and marketing experts. Purdeep’s clients range from business owners to high-powered corporate executives.

“Purdeep’s questions will make you think in ways you never have before.”

The COMPELLING Difference

Purdeep has been acknowledged as a powerful and distinctive authority in the fields of e neuroscience, psychology, consumer behavior, exponential business growth, and optimal performance. He is widely known for coaching leaders in personal transformation and peak performance. He is featured in a multitude of business & personal growth podcasts and is consistently requested as a speaker for leading conferences, seminars, training and events.

His deep and broad understanding of critical elements allows him to provide uncanny intelligence for business and personal transformation. As a proven consultant, innovator and performance multiplier with immense passion and drive, along with profound communication and collaboration skills, Purdeep is able to lead and contribute to virtually any growth ambition. These ideal traits are necessary to provide unmatched value to business leaders who feel stagnant, challenged or looking to capture new opportunities. Interestingly many men are “promisingly complacent”, satisfied with their performance when higher achievement and fulfillment can be realized.

Purdeep is regarded as one of the foremost innovative thinkers in the areas Strategy, Innovation, Marketing and Leadership. His preeminence stems from his ability to get “powerful results” and he is often called in when numerous other leaders or consultants or coaches have failed to achieve results.

Purdeep’s life work is dedicated to helping business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs thrive, advance their careers and live prosperous lives.

“He has a natural ability to find what’s truly not working and fix it FAST. He then exploits the unseen opportunities and raises the bar. He’s got a propensity for getting maximum results with minimal work.”


Executive MBA In Innovation Leadership

Certified Innovation Executive

Certified Lean Blackbelt (Operations)

Certified in Business Operations Excellence

Certified Executive Education

Certified in Financial Management Certified in Strategic Intervention Coaching

Certified in Neuroscience of Change

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