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Collapsible and Expandable Lists

A lot of tasks and lists from different aspects of your life need to be organized into a system which will be easily accessed. Create a central spot for organizing and tracking your lists and tasks by using multilevel lists. To make the process even more structured, you can use collapsible and expandable lists. Protect your lists from turning into a mess by hiding or unhiding the lists’ subitems in your notes when needed.

Take Full Advantage of Using the Lists

Organize your daily tasks, to do’s and lists in a better way. Breake big, overwhelming tasks into small, manageable sub-tasks (and break down those sub-tasks into even smaller ones if you like). Use round, rectangle, star, dart, rounded, arrow or even diamond list style icons to keep everything tidy – it doesn’t matter if you’re throwing together a lockdown shopping list or drafting plans for a big project.

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