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Choose what you need – flexible table that could be used as a Spreadsheet, Database or simple table.

Convert any table into database

Each column in a table can be converted into a specific type of field in a Nimbus database

Flexible and easy to use

The lightweight-table editor provides all necessary controls that needed to organize and manage your content.

  • Column and row headings
  • Create and delete
  • Resize, move, scroll
  • Merge cells & background colors
  • Text style
  • Wrap cells
  • Duplicate and copy

Fields to accommodate for all types of content

Add attachments, long-text notes, checkboxes, name of people, images, videos and more.

  • Single line text
  • Number
  • Attachment
  • Checkbox
  • Single & Multiple select
  • Mentions & Date
  • Currency
  • Link
  • Rating
  • Progress

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