To keep things easy and efficient for you, we’ve provided helpful templates for all your different needs—from marketing plans to HR tracking. The templates are completely customizable and can be used to organize all your projects, meetings, goals, strategies, and more.

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Project retrospective
No matter what department you’re in, a retrospective can help you evaluate your projects and guide your future work. Try out this retrospective template to examine what went well and what needs improvement.
Weekly meetings
Weekly meetings help your team to collaborate and reflect together. Add structure to your gatherings by using our weekly meetings template.
New Employee Welcome Letter
Adding a new employee onto your team can be exciting, but it also involves a lot of paperwork, training, and onboarding. To make the welcome process easier, check out our employee welcome letter template.
Weekly Updates Meeting
Meetings are a great way to announce updates, solve issues, and get everyone caught up to speed. Fill out this template before your meetings so you can plan discussions with your team.
Weekly Planner
This handy planner template can help you organize your week. Make sure your week is structured, focused, and productive by creating a schedule.
Do you manage multiple accounts and profiles? Don’t rely on your memory alone to remember important passwords and usernames. Use this template to keep track of your information.
Meeting notes planning
Bring clarity to your meetings by utilizing this meeting planning template. Use it to arrange and assemble topics to discuss.
MOM template
Stop using simple word processors for drafting your meeting minutes. This meeting template is organized with a straightforward table so you can make your notes easy to follow.
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Turn a blank page into a content-rich resource in seconds with Nimbus Note templates. With a variety of templates to choose from you can move fast, whatever the task

In this section, we have collected corporate templates for HR specialists. They will help you with recruitment, assessment, motivation and training processes. Pick templates, add your own finishing touches according to your needs and you’re good to go. You can save them for free. Improve your productivity and grow together with Nimbus Note!