To keep things easy and efficient for you, we’ve provided helpful templates for all your different needs—from marketing plans to HR tracking. The templates are completely customizable and can be used to organize all your projects, meetings, goals, strategies, and more.

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Usability Scale
Getting feedback for your web pages and products is essential to improving your product's user experience. Share this template with others to gain insight about how your website is used.
Website Design Brief
You have a creative project in mind and want to convey your ideas to a designer to bring them to life.
A design brief template, also sometimes referred to as a design template, is a great way to start any creative project. It helps you organize your ideas and captures everything you need before you work on a project. This is helpful if you work in an agency or work with one.
Use the Nimbus design template to create amazing websites, mobile apps, logos, marketing materials, and more.
Creative Brief
By taking notes ahead of time, you can draft a creative brief to communicate just the right message for your brand. Use this template to guide your work and lay out the foundation for your ideas.
Design Brief
Using a design brief can help you guide your projects and organize your ideas. This template allows you to plan out your designs. Share the template with your clients so you can brainstorm together.
User Experience Testing
Use this template to keep track of your user experience tests. Brainstorm solutions with your team and create actionable steps to make your product more efficient.
UX Research
When designing websites, apps, or any digital product, it's important to understand how users interact with your design. This ensures everything works as intended, and also helps you create a great user experience.
To ensure your website, app, or digital product is designed correctly, you must do UX research. A challenge many UX researchers face is they either don't know where to begin or they get overwhelmed with all the options available.
That's why this template will help you get started and keep things simple. It includes prompts that will help you identify problems and opportunities in your design, and also provide guidance on how to address them.
Design System
Images and visual branding should be used consistently throughout your social media and advertisements. Using this template, you can catalog your images and design assets.
⌚UX Testing Meeting
Figure out issues with your product's user experience design with some help from your team members. With this handy template, you can note any important issues and draft steps to fix them.
Digital Asset Management
Store all your digital assets in one place with our asset management template. Whether you’re a student, designer, or entrepreneur, you can attach PDFs, audio files, videos, and images onto this template.
Brand Guidelines
Guidelines are essential to ensuring brand designs stay consistent and effective. Make sure all your creative elements are aligned by utilizing this template that we’ve included in our library just for you.