To keep things easy and efficient for you, we’ve provided helpful templates for all your different needs—from marketing plans to HR tracking. The templates are completely customizable and can be used to organize all your projects, meetings, goals, strategies, and more.

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📅 Calendar 2022 - all months
Plan out your whole year with this calendar template. Use it to remember holidays, birthdays, events, deadlines, and more. Add notes for each month, and organize your events for the whole year with ease. The calendar is based on national holidays in the USA. Holidays may vary from one country to another.
Holidays Calendar 2021-2022 🎉
Keep track of all major holidays and celebrations with this holiday template. Make sure you never forget an important date again. Use the template to plan important events, for example Valentine’s Day dinners or Easter egg hunts. The calendar is based on national holidays in the USA. Holidays may vary from one country to another.
Year Goals
Goal setting takes a considerable amount of thought, planning, and self-awareness. Without this, your goals won't be clear, measurable or likely achievable. Use Year Goals template to set your goals for the whole year. Check the list from time to time and edit your plan if needed.
🎯Annual Goals
Set powerful goals for the whole year so you can start the process for achieving them. To accomplish our goals we must distill our dreams into daily actions. Start with the filling in this template.
💪Set your financial goals
Make a plan for your long-term financial goals - it is an important step toward becoming financially secure. If you aren’t working toward anything specific, you’re likely to spend more than you should.
🚀Plan For Success
Keep your long-term goals in one place. This template can help you to organize the most important goals and have a focus on them during periods of time.
🎄 New Year's Resolutions
Start the year off right by making New Year's resolutions. With this helpful template, you can list all the goals you hope to accomplish for the year.
🛒Grocery list
When you go to the grocery store, it’s easy to forget which items you’re looking for. With so many products to browse, you might also end up buying unnecessary items.
🙌 Habit tracker
Forming new, healthy habits takes some time. Whether you want to exercise more, sleep earlier, or use your phone less, this habit tracker is perfect for keeping track of new activities or patterns. Use the table to check your habits each day of the month.
To-Do for Engineers
With this color-coded and completely customizable to-do list, you can keep track of your whole team's tasks. Everyone can collaborate together and brainstorm new steps to take. Stay on top of your deadlines by color-coding urgent or important items.
Engineering Wiki
This engineering wiki works like a knowledge base for all your important information. Include essential documents for your team in one location.
Docs for Engineers
If your engineering team has many different documents, use this template to organize it all! Label everything you need and keep everything in one place.
Agile Retrospective
This template can be used for agile teams to track what worked well for their projects. In addition, record what wasn't effective and include information on what your team learned.
User Research
When designing a product, it’s important to conduct user research. By seeing how consumers interact with your work, you gain more insight on design elements that will help them. Manage all of your user research data with this user research template that features a fully functioning and customizable table.
Sprint Plans
When managing timelines for projects, it can be easy to feel swamped with multiple tasks and deadlines. If your team wants to structure everything in one place, then take a look at our sprint plans template.
Technical docs
Store your technical documents by using this template. You can access this document from any device with Nimbus Note. Share it with your team so everyone can conveniently access the same information.
Eisenhower Matrix
Try the Eisenhower Matrix template to prioritize your tasks and build a consistent plan of action. Use Nimbus templates to organize your life!
Conference Scheduling
Our conference schedule is a simple spreadsheet that serves as a useful tool for creating an organized meeting schedule that can be shared with staff and attendees. You can use this template for one-day or multi-day events, or for conferences with several speakers who will be presenting in different rooms.
My plans for today
With the Daily Planner template you will get highly performance daily action planner for productivity, happiness and time management. It will assist you to reduce your stress and anxiety, line up your goals and balance your life.
Financial Tracking
Managing money, sticking to a budget can be easier with this Financial Tracking template. Track you income and expenses daily and then use the data to track monthly finances and set the goals for the next month.
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Make your workflow easy and convenient! From productivity planners to financial tracking, we have prepared templates for a variety of uses. Customize templates by changing colors and removing or adding elements. You can easily adapt them to your desire!

For your convenience, our templates are categorized into different sections. With a filter, you can select the one you need. Read the detailed instructions on how to use templates and create your own rules! Nimbus Note templates are always there to help you out.