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Revolutionize The Way You Work with an Agency Client Portal

Create no-code websites Nimbus Portals to get your team and clients on the same page and complete your projects faster

Recognized with numerous awards

Why You Should Try an Agency Client Portal

From engaging new clients to retaining existing ones, we’ve created Nimbus Portals to empower your agency and help you deliver exceptional results

Get back 40% of your productive time

Don’t get distracted by constantly switching tabs and tools. Integrate the needed instruments and concentrate all processes in one place

Save up to 15 hours weekly on clarifying details

Keep your team and clients on the same page. Discuss, collaborate and make decisions in one portal

Increase retention
by up to 50%

Create a simple yet professional client portal. Match it with your brand identity and give your clients easy and secure access to project details

How You Can Work with Nimbus Portals

Our customer portal for digital agencies works like a mini-website that you can create by yourself. No complicated code, no learning curve involved. Everything is simple for you and your clients

Gather Everything in One Place

Integrate needed tools and software for your digital agency and store important client information in one portal.
Keep everything at hand from briefs, drafts and stats to deliverables and share everything with one magic link.

Stay Tuned Along the Way

Let your team and clients update each other on recent project changes. Turn your portal into a bridge that connects two worlds.
Exchange tasks, give feedback, communicate via chats and more in one place.

Promote Your Brand and Services

Continue your brand story in a client portal software. Choose colors to match your identity and set your logo.
Even your URLs and portal email notifications can be customized. Look professional without extra effort.

What People Are Saying About Our Client Portal

“I use Nimbus to organize projects for my agency. Nimbus work as a portal for my team and clients. For each client and project, we create a space and I invite the team members that will work on that specific project / client.”


University Teacher and Online Instructor (Udemy)

“Nimbus offers so many possibilities, especially for business. In my eyes it is the best productivity software I know. With the ongoing updates, you can tell that the team is really working hard to make the application even better. I’m really excited about the new Nimbus portal. This is another thing that sets Nimbus apart from all the other competitors.”


Founder and Owner of Burkhard Bahr Consulting

“The real draw for us was the new portal feature that allows us to host these pages on an easy-to-use and share platform. The native embedding feature also allowed us to securely share large datasets with our clients without them having to ever leave the portal which was a huge bonus in terms of ease of use.”


Marketing Manager at Leadable

What Else You Can Do with Nimbus Platform

Apart from creating an agency client portal, you can unlock more opportunities
with our versatile platform.

Transform Your Work Today

Start creating a powerful client portal for your digital agency. Join us today or book a demo with our experts to first discuss the details.

Get a Sneak Peek on Managing Your Projects

Watch how you can boost your results by setting workflow with Nimbus Platform

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