Why type when you can send videos or screenshots?

Use our extension to show your friends, teams & clients what you see! Create screenshots, screencasts and videos. Easily annotate them and share with one click

Nimbus Capture — your browser extension

Use Nimbus Capture to record your screen: the entire desktop or a selected browser tab. Add your webcam recordings and voice-over if needed. Nimbus Capture also allows taking screenshots of an entire web page or a selected area. It helps you better collaborate and works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Record and Annotate your screen
With the Nimbus Capture recorder, you can choose what to show on your video: the entire desktop or a browser tab. Try our annotation panel to make your point clear with arrows, texts, and highlights.
Capture Web Pages
Choose what part of your screen you'd like to capture. It may be a selected area, a visible part of a page, or even a scrollable page. Make screenshots with just one click using the variety of our screenshot mode options.

Nimbus Note

A perfect app for managing and sharing your information. Build super documents and bring all kinds of content together on one organized platform.

Quick upload and sharing

Easily upload videos & screenshots from our recorder! Add them to the Nimbus Note app or other popular services

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