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Collaborate Efficiently with Nimbus Screenshots & Video Recordings

Stop wasting your time on unnecessary emails and meetings. Create visual messages and unite all your files & content in super documents under your branding.

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Okay, how does Nimbus Capture work?

Capture and Annotate

Choose an area you want to capture on your screen and create an instant screenshot.


Our users love the most:


  • Entire website pages screenshots
  • Blurring selected areas with confidential info
  • Uploading images for annotation


Show and Explain

Record your screen to show what you see and what you do. Add your microphone and web camera to better explain details.


Our best features are:


  • Video Trim & Crop right after recording
  • Adding watermarks
  • 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x speed for your videos
  • Exporting in MP4 and GIF format


Add More Content

To any screenshot or recording, you can attach more content like files, text, tables and more.


Our clients are excited about:


  • All deliverables on one super page
  • Structured library for screenshots, recordings and other content
  • Accessibility for various devices and fine-grained permissions


one account for all solutions

Collaborate with others

Is your collaboration just about sending a screenshot or screen recording to your colleagues?


Nimbus users collaborate via:


  • Comments and chat feature
  • Tasks and dashboards for teams
  • Real-time editing by 100+ people


Share with One Link

You can share your screenshot or screen recording by sending just one link.


Our powerful app has:


  • Easy upload to Slack, YouTube, Google Drive and Drop Box
  • Password-protected sharing
  • Possibility to brand your links, logos and interfaces


Want to experience Nimbus Capture
right now?

How people use Nimbus Capture

  • Business Proposals
  • Feedback & Alignment
  • Educational Purposes
  • Customer Success

Enhance your proposals with video presentation!

Capture your microphone and webcamera to communicate with prospects as if you were in the same room! Stand out of other business proposals by adding your personal approach via video!



Keep your team on the same page with Nimbus recordings!

Show them exactly what you see on your screen, comment on the work and set clear expectations.
You can always add to your video all the needed files, tables or tasks to boost your teamwork even better.



Explain everything with annotated screenshots
or video recordings.

You can create videos for the whole group or individual students. Use your voice and gestures to guide students and provide them with all the needed feedback. BTW, you can add more materials to your screenshots and videos such as links, embeds to homework forms, files and more!



If your clients need an instruction, you can easily
create it.

Take a screenshot and add text, draw arrows and highlight where your clients need to click.
Or, create a professional video with showing exactly what the users should do. Show, speak and smile to boost your customer success!



A perfect solution for your
Business & Team

Try Nimbus Capture for your business to skyrocket your results!

Don't know from where to start?

We have hundreds of free templates for you!
Here are our most popular templates with screenshots & recordings.

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Your Questions, Our Answers

An online screen recorder is a tool that allows you to capture any area of your screen or take a screenshot of it. With it, you can capture your screen and record video tutorials, apps & games, webinars, online videos and more.

Use Nimbus Capture as a browser extension to record your screen online. Just choose your browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and install Nimbus Capture extension there. Afterwards, choose the feature “Record Video” and add your microphone or webcam recording if you need.

Yes, the Nimbus Capture Chrome extension is free, you can install it here >>. Use a Free version for taking screenshots and video recording. In addition to it, you’ll get screenshot editing and the ability to upload your recordings and screenshots to your local drive or FuseBase Note. You can always upgrade your account to Pro for advanced usage. For example, blur your screenshot & attach pictures to it, increase your uploading opportunities, add your watermark for branding and more.

Click on the pencil icon after taking a screenshot. It will allow you to point with arrows at the desired objects, add text, draw free-form figures with a pencil and more. Don’t forget to save your annotation after finishing the process.

For this, you need to open a browser extension. Click on the Video Recording option and enable Record Tab Sound.

You can install one of the Nimbus Capture browser extensions (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge). It will not clog your computer storage.

In Nimbus Capture extension, there are no serious restrictions on the video duration (you can record up to 10 hours in the Pro Plan). In the Free version, you can record videos for up to 5 minutes. To get unlimited recording, upgrade your account here >>.

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