Success story of Andreas Hedler

Private person


The main goal is as private person to get rid of any paperwork. All information should be stored in the cloud store to access from my PC and Mac at home as well as the iPhones from the family. The main goal was on the one hand to archive all information on one please and on the other hand to find them again when it’s necessary so an OCR functionality wants mandatory for me.


Nimbus simplified my life and the dream to go paperless is not so far away. For sure, insurances and government still sends paper but now it’s very easy for me to scan them via iPhone, even mobile, and find them again at home or at any place in the world.


Hmm, I am a private person so there are no described processes and workflows behind. I just can see that it’s not worth to spend time any longer for managing paper, scan it via iPhone and throw the paper away, that is the workflow I implemented.

If you are on the way to go paperless, check the Personal CRM Template. It makes it easier for you to communicate with your family, friends, colleagues, or clients.

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Axel Cortvriendt

Software developer
using Office 365 environment

“I'm more confident that I will be able to find the correct statements quicker and I don't have to remember where at what client I saved a specific statement.”

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Jørgen Sommer


“I have replaced my outliner which lacks the features of the Nimbus Note.”

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Jaime Espiritu


“I can easily find my video clips, and pdf documents when I need them. The simple interface allows to have fun finding notes.”

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