Andrew Gibbs

VP Wireless Solutions


I am constantly searching for tools to increase my overall efficiency and productivity. I work in a business development role where I speak with many technology partners. I previously used Evernote until they gradually raised their pricing to the point where it was not practical to use it across all my screens which defeated the purpose. Without that tool I found myself writing many notes in my journal but it is time consuming to find information after the fact when I need it.


I really enjoy Nimbus Notes. It is the right tool at the right time. I love having access to my notes from any screen at any time. It is very efficient to type my notes on my iPad and instantly access them from my iPhone when I want instant recall when I am speaking to colleagues. It is a time savor and really helps me to stay sharp and prepared.


I have definitively reduced time spent on administrative work. I no longer have to transpose my written notes into emails. With Nimbus Notes I can easily find information with my folder system. It is also accessible and can be easily published or copied in emails or other forms of social media.

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Dr. B

Dr. Barrington Michael Guyer

The Executor of a complicated Estate
and the Trustee of a Family Concern

“I researched some 10 alternatives to Evernote after its 'upgrade' and found that Nimbus Note was the most similar to what I had previously been using. Everything has now been so easy and quick to use. Nimbus Note has made it possible for me to carry out my legal responsibilities with ease.”

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David Nørgaard

Product designer

“I have already saved time by using Nimbus note, rather than looking for information in mails or folders on network drives.”

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Chase Masters

Technology & Strategic Project Manager

“Nimbus Note provides a lot of features that Evernote had that I use regularly, and I am thrilled to see that it actually does WAY more than Evernote did. Embedding Google Docs, websites, videos, etc. will be super useful moving forward.”

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