Chase Masters

Technology & Strategic Project Manager


I'd been taking notes in Evernote for over 10 years. Part of that time I was a free user, and the last few years or so I was a paid user. I take notes daily at my job and utilize bulleted lists and links heavily. Evernote did everything I needed it to for many years. However, their recent updates made it unusable so I began looking for an alternative that would offer the features I need. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Nimbus Note on Reddit as other Evernote users there were switching. I used the free trial and the rest is history!


It provides a lot of features that Evernote had that I use regularly, like tagging, a web clipper, easy bulleted lists, public notes, etc. I'm still learning about the additional features, but am thrilled to see that it actually does WAY more than Evernote did. Embedding Google Docs, websites, videos, etc. will be super useful moving forward.


So far, it's meeting (and exceeding) my needs as far as a note-taking app. It successfully imported all of my Evernote notes (however, I'll be redoing that soon per the recent improvements) so I could hit the ground running. I'm still a relatively new user who is figuring out all of the features, but everything is looking very positive at the moment and I'm thrilled to have found the AppSumo deal to save some cash during this uncertain time.

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Andrew Gibbs

VP Wireless Solutions

“With Nimbus Notes I can easily find information with my folder system. I have definitively reduced time spent on administrative work.”

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Jørgen Sommer


“I have replaced my outliner which lacks the features of the Nimbus Note.”

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David Nørgaard

Product designer

“I have already saved time by using Nimbus note, rather than looking for information in mails or folders on network drives.”

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