Success story of Daniel Falfán

Manager of a warehouse

in a local hospital


Well, I work for a healthcare service in my country Venezuela. I’m obsessed with productivity and methods to make my workflow a little better every time. I found Nimbus in a YouTube video who was comparing nimbus with Evernote. I’d never used Evernote (I used Simplenote), it seems to laggy and awkward for me, the interface is horrendous also his user experience. I use two factors for my daily basis, tasks and notes. So I combine Nimbus with TickTick and my experience this month has been AWESOME. Nimbus is the love of my life, is so easy to work with tables and information, you can play with it to discover new things everyday. Is so easy and intuitive, so thank you.


Well Nimbus certainly did an awesome job in the area of taking notes specifically in my phone, because I use my phone a lot in my job. So when you work for the healthcare system you need to run a lot in the hospital so you need something for taking notes about what’s happening in the place at the moment so I have Nimbus to do that work for me I just open the app taking notes and now record voice notes and taking photos and register everything what’s happening in my job, then late night I just sit down in the computer open the web app and finish my job and its really cool.


Well I control the inventory of the medical tools on the hospital so I work in a warehouse of the hospital and I need to be sure that every doctor and nurse got their tools at time, Nimbus helps me a lot with my workflow.

Check how Daniel uses Nimbus Note mobile app to quickly structure the inventory of the medical tools on the go and than have everything synchronized at every device.

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