Jørgen Sommer



I am an orthinologist and have approx. 500 bird notes with pictures and observations. The universe is also my interest and this topic contains a large number of notes and many pictures as well as attachments. In addition, I have all kinds of notes both work-related and private and personal.


Nimbus Note helps with a good interface and a lot of features such as text editing, colors, table and date and time management. It allows one to several sub-levels for each main topic / main note.


I have replaced my outliner which lacks the features of the Nimbus Note.

Check Wiki Template to see how to structure and organize large number of notes into one database.

More case studies


Andreas Hedler

Private person

“Nimbus simplified my life and the dream to go paperless is not so far away.”

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David Nørgaard

Product designer

“I have already saved time by using Nimbus note, rather than looking for information in mails or folders on network drives.”

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Philipp Weber

Father and author
+ ph-weber

“I shared a document with text, pdf's and pictures to a large group of people and get no complaints.”

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