Konstantin Thumm



I work in IT since 30 years and have been using Evernote for a while, but Nimbus is way better and a more modern and professional solution with great extensions for a pure web based working - thx for the best note taking app. I used Evernote for a while for taking notes, screenshots, scanned documents and for meeting notes. I am an IT-Coordinator at the volkssolidrität in germany.


Scanning websites and annotate the content - !!!taking screencasts with your great extension!!! - writing notes with the simple but great editor - have had a look at Notion - but find nimbus the better solution for me because of the folder structure in the menu!


Scanned a complete(!) website and annotated - I work as an product manager for a website solution - so that helped really a lot.

Check the example of the web page scanned and annotated by Konstantin with the help of Nimbus Capture.

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Dr. B

Dr. Barrington Michael Guyer

The Executor of a complicated Estate
and the Trustee of a Family Concern

“I researched some 10 alternatives to Evernote after its 'upgrade' and found that Nimbus Note was the most similar to what I had previously been using. Everything has now been so easy and quick to use. Nimbus Note has made it possible for me to carry out my legal responsibilities with ease.”

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Jaime Espiritu


“I can easily find my video clips, and pdf documents when I need them. The simple interface allows to have fun finding notes.”

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David Nørgaard

Product designer

“I have already saved time by using Nimbus note, rather than looking for information in mails or folders on network drives.”

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