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I am a programmer who specializes in custom .Net software for small businesses. I have a few clients. In addition to writing custom solutions for their business needs, I also maintain their IT infrastructure. I have been looking to deploy a proper knowledge base solution at my clients and have not yet found a perfect match. I have been evaluating Nimbus and there is a lot that I like.


Nimbus note is an excellent tool for writing help docs that I can share with my clients. These are basic documents explaining, for example how to connect to the company network via VPN, or how to maintain their website CMS content. The Nimbus desktop app makes this easy, since this way my clients can just open Nimbus from the windows tray and have quick access to these docs. It's also a good place to store meeting minutes.


The super editor in Nimbus makes writing docs and help manuals easy. I much prefer it to markdown. The tree structure also makes it easy to find specific content.

If you plan the meetings, get your whole team updated with this Meeting Agenda Template. Keep your meetings efficient and organized by planning ahead of time.

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Daniel Falfán

Manager of a warehouse
in a local hospital

“Nimbus is the love of my life, is so easy to work with tables and information, you can play with it to discover new things everyday. It's so easy and intuitive.”

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Andreas Hedler

Private person

“Nimbus simplified my life and the dream to go paperless is not so far away.”

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David Nørgaard

Product designer

“I have already saved time by using Nimbus note, rather than looking for information in mails or folders on network drives.”

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