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Success story of Dr. Barrington Michael Guyer

The Executor of a complicated Estate

and the Trustee of a Family Concern


I suddenly found myself the Executor of a complicated Estate and the Trustee of a Family Concern. I had started to use Evernote to keep all the documentation readily accessible online and properly indexed when Evernote decided to ‘upgraded’ their software. This led to an immediate loss of functionality. I was only able to backup 50 items at a time – ridiculous when I had several hundred that needed to be stored offline for maximum security.


I researched some 10 alternatives to Evernote and found that Nimbus Note was the most similar to what I had previously been using. Everything has now been so easy and quick to use. I find that emails tagged with appropriate @ and # additions and emailed to my Nimbus account appear almost instantaneously and in the correct locations. I can also easily take photos of paper documents using my iPhone and transfer them to Nimbus without difficulty. Nimbus Note has made it possible for me to carry out my legal responsibilities with ease.


I am now able to almost instantaneously find any document I need. Nimbus Note acts as an electronic filing cabinet. I currently have about 600 individual documents which I can access on my iMac (or iPhone or iPad). Queries from the UK Tax authorities, Banks and Shareholding organisations can be filed and referred to and answered in the shortest time frame. All Bills and Receipts are held online for rapid retrieval. Nimbus Note has enabled me to deal with all these organisations without having to go through 3 huge files of paper documents (which have to be retained for legal reasons).

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Andreas Hedler

Private person

“Nimbus simplified my life and the dream to go paperless is not so far away.”


Axel Cortvriendt

Software developer
using Office 365 environment

“I’m more confident that I will be able to find the correct statements quicker and I don’t have to remember where at what client I saved a specific statement.”


Chase Masters

Technology & Strategic Project Manager

“Nimbus Note provides a lot of features that Evernote had that I use regularly, and I am thrilled to see that it actually does WAY more than Evernote did. Embedding Google Docs, websites, videos, etc. will be super useful moving forward.”

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