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Success story of Jackie VanPaemel

Technology Administrator

at a K-8 school


I am the Technology Administrator at a K-8 school. I am also the sole IT person and trainer. “Everything” I did each day, equipment repairs, orders, etc., were recorded in Evernote since 2007. This year Evernote broke itself with its newest update, and I couldn’t access most of my notes in an acceptable fashion. I switched to Nimbus and I’m back in business, even stronger than before. I love the Nimbus Note, and the fact that it works smoothly with Nimbus Screenshot.


Faster and more intuitive than Evernote. Keeps all my notes in one place including training videos and screencasts. Searchable reference for all purchases, repairs, etc. at my fingertips for years back. AND it imported all my Evernote notes quickly and efficiently.


Speeds up equipment repair by at least 10%. Invaluable to the whole organization when our administration changed suddenly because all building procedures and maintenance were already documented.

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More case studies


Stephen Yost

at Bethel Park School District

“Nimbus Note has helped me connect with my students and model my expectations for each assignment.”

Janet Pollock

English Teacher
James B. Hunt High School

“Nimbus Note made the transition into the remote learning world easier for me as an educator.”


Scott Mince

Customer service rep
and single father

“I can definitely tell a difference in faster workflow. Nimbus Note is noticeably faster in searching, creating, and editing notes and documents.”

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