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Product Development

Enable your product teams to get more done, from concept to launch. Create products that your customers love. Brainstorm ideas, define requirements and track projects through to completion. All in a single workplace.

Organize your work in one place and easily manage product development assets

Improve your design project or development iteration by creating a workspace for each. Organize all of your assets and make them easy to find by creating folders and subfolders.

Stop using multiple software tools to collect and manage your data. Nimbus Platform is perfect for teams of all sizes. Whether you’re a startup or a small business, you can easily organize all of your product development knowledge into a single workplace.

Create multiple workspaces — one for each of your projects.


Keep project data separate — each workspace is entirely separate from other workspaces.


Easily maintain security and project focus — each workspace has its own users, content and permissions.


Keep order in each workspace — create folders and subfolders within each workspace.


Continuous team collaboration — teams can readily coordinate by accessing work items in a single, secure location.


Access workspaces from anywhere — desktop, or directly at the Nimbus website.

Powerful all-in-one editor to achieve your goals

Gather different types of content on one Nimbus page. You can write and format text, capture screenshots or record videos and add various files in one place. What’s more, you can easily connect your pages with @-mention and share them with one link.

  • Сreate pages, docs, wikis and more
  • Easily create tasks & lists
  • Databases, spreadsheets and tables
  • Organize and share your pages and assets

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Brainstorm more product ideas with less effort

Collaboratively capture ideas from your brainstorming sessions. All design and creative teams know that sharing ideas is a crucial part of the product development process. Share pages and ideas among your team and with your clients. Collaborate more effectively and get better feedback.

Why type? It’s much easier to send videos and screenshots

Communicate with fewer words. Use screenshots, annotations, GIFs and video recordings to streamline your design process.


Nimbus Capture empowers Nimbus Platform by adding visual communication that your team can leverage. It’s easy to quickly capture and share visual information. Save time by sending videos instead of lengthy emails.

Build a product road map and quickly define requirements

Plan your roadmap visually and keep everyone in alignment. Define what’s important and share your vision. Share the big picture with your team and send updates as you develop more ideas.

Ideally, it’s best to develop requirements in collaboration with others. Nimbus Platform can help your teammates quickly get on the same page to brainstorm, share, and define requirements with less effort. Provide engineers, DevOps and marketing with access to Nimbus Platform and get them all on the same page. Using a single workplace, you can attach sketches, define user stories, manage feedback and quickly reach consensus.

Track, prioritize and manage your production process

The product development process involves different teams across the company. Easily track status for all tasks, assignments and project schedules.

Capture User Feedback, User Story Mapping and User Research

Product development teams need to be in frequent contact with product users. With Nimbus Platform, you can easily document and instantly share customer feedback with your entire team.

User story mapping is one type of vetting technique that can help your team see how each potential new feature would fit into the user experience of your product. Use @-mention to direct a teammate to consider a key insight. Another technique that you can do with Nimbus Platform is to link interviews with requirements so that the entire team can collaborate more effectively.

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