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Project Management & Operations

Accomplish tasks more quickly, while avoiding the complexity of additional project management tools. Add meeting notes, tasks, documents, images and code snippets. Easily track any item that you need for your projects.

Organize your classes or courses into individual workspaces and folders

Create one workspace for each of your projects, and organize all of your chaos into an orderly, easily accessible, secure environment. Each workspace is independent, having its own pages, folders, tags and members. Create multiple workspaces.

Create multiple workspaces — one for each of your projects.


Keep project data separate — each workspace is entirely separate from other workspaces.


Easily maintain security and project focus — each workspace has its own users, content and permissions.


Keep order in each workspace — create folders and subfolders within each workspace.


Continuous team collaboration — teams can readily coordinate by accessing work items in a single, secure location.


Access workspaces from anywhere — desktop or directly at the Nimbus website.

Easily prepare Standard Operating Procedures

Bring more structure to your business by defining processes and workflows that work. Guide your team with step-by-step instructions for efficient, consistent and safe conduct.

Provide better context

Begin with a brief overview, define your goals, then add links to relevant documents that your team can research and understand more quickly.

Add action items

Quickly create task lists and use the @-mention feature to assign duties to different teammates.

Consolidate project assets

Add more context by embedding all types of content including code snippets, videos, files and more.

Powerful all-in-one editor
to achieve your goals

Gather different types of content on one Nimbus page. You can write and format text, capture screenshots or record videos and add various files in one place. What’s more, you can easily connect your pages with @-mention and share them with one link.

  • Сreate pages, docs, wikis and more
  • Easily create tasks & lists
  • Databases, spreadsheets and tables
  • Organize and share your pages and assets

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Performance Reports

Team training can be a very effective, ongoing process that is personalized to the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Create details and summaries for employee performance. Establish roles, set goals and give feedback.


Exchange valuable feedback to drive every relationship forward. Use Nimbus Platform to capture performance reviews from managers and individual contributors, peers and departments.

Onboarding new teammates

Onboard new teammates onto projects more quickly by presenting them with everything they need to know to succeed in their roles. All in one workplace.

Need to set your new hires up for success? Create a welcome document that highlights what’s most important. Then, direct them to your company wiki and knowledge base articles. Provide a single document set to all team members. Here they can find all the answers, so you can avoid spending so much additional effort in repetitive training.

Digital Asset Management for Knowledge

Organize all assets in an easy-to-find environment. Have quick and convenient access to everything you need, from any device. Stop using multiple software tools to collect and manage your data. Nimbus Platform is perfect for teams of all sizes. Whether you’re reviewing pages on your own or working on a group project, you can easily organize all of your knowledge into a single workplace. Use @-mention to link workspaces, folders, pages and teammates.

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