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Remote Teams and Team Management

Nimbus Platform enables teams to maintain stronger connections, align more closely, and collaborate better. Give your team members excellent tools so that they can focus on what they each do best.

Maintain roadmaps, goals and plans

Effective teams need a place to maintain and publish plans, goals and objectives.

Stay on top of business planning goals, strategies and more — all in one place and accessible by your whole team. Announce new strategic initiatives and important company announcements. It’s easy for teammates to engage, show their support and ask questions.

  • Outlines
  • Access to policies & procedures
  • Milestones
  • Track tasks
  • Mentions

Weekly Meetings

Host more effective meetings with specific agendas and avoid unnecessarily wasting time. Frequently share feedback and grow together.


Drive every meeting toward a truly useful outcome. Documenting your weekly meetings is a great way to grow productive team. Create ready-to-use templates that automatically list the attendees and agenda. Easily capture discussion notes and action items throughout the meeting. After the meeting, use @-mention to assign tasks to specific people.

Performance Reports

Team training can be a very effective, ongoing process that is personalized to the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Create details and summaries for employee performance. Establish roles, set goals and give feedback.


Exchange valuable feedback to drive every relationship forward. Use Nimbus Platform to capture performance reviews from managers and individual contributors, peers and departments.

Onboarding new teammates

Onboard new teammates onto projects more quickly by presenting them with everything they need to know to succeed in their roles. All in one workplace.

Need to set your new hires up for success? Create a welcome document that highlights what’s most important. Then, direct them to your company wiki and knowledge base articles. Provide a single document set to all team members. Here they can find all the answers, so you can avoid spending so much additional effort in repetitive training.

Nimbus Capture for team management

Save time on long and boring text guides by creating dynamic training videos.


Use Nimbus Capture to provide a wiki for team training. Create training videos for your teammates, so that any of them can study whenever it’s convenient.


Add screenshots and videos to your knowledge base. Create a personal learning environment, using video to easily explain team roles to new members.

Culture and Values

Document your company mission, core values and culture. Share with all current and future team members.


Create a transparent work culture and empower team members to be accountable for the results. Ensure that the entire team understands the goals and how they contribute to success. With Nimbus Platform, create and maintain a company – wide overview where each team member can see individual and team progress in a glance.

Powerful all-in-one editor to achieve your goals

Gather different types of content on one Nimbus page. You can write and format text, capture screenshots or record videos and add various files in one place. What’s more, you can easily connect your pages with @-mention and share them with one link.

  • Сreate pages, docs, wikis and more
  • Easily create tasks & lists
  • Databases, spreadsheets and tables
  • Organize and share your pages and assets

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