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  • May 30, 2018
  • 7 Min

Golden rules for preventing pre-vacation syndrome


This May keeps treating us to unusually warm weather. In such circumstances, it’s impossible not to succumb to pre-vacation syndrome, even though the actual vacation season is still far away. How do you avoid going nuts in the office while thinking about what totally feels like summer outside the window? It’s not as hard as it might seem. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules that will help you carry yourself through the warm summer days with enjoyment even though you might not be on vacation just yet.

Use weekends for rest only

We all spend our weekends in different ways. Sometimes we aim to wrap up projects or run errands that we couldn’t handle during the week. Sometimes we have redecoration or garden work planned. Some people also enjoy a weekend spring cleaning. We recommend using the weekend to rest – without excessive physical, mental, or emotional strain. You can postpone all the things that require your close attention until after you come back from your vacation, well-rested and strengthened, ready to handle anything. For the time being, just make sure to replenish your resources and rest to the max.

Make a pre-vacation plan

Planning tasks and activities before your vacation makes waiting for it easier. You can visualize the path to much-needed rest. All significant tasks you complete will become your personal milestones as you travel to the vacation station. By moving from one task to the next, you will arrive at the destination without even noticing it. And don’t be afraid to overdo it when compiling your list of important things to do – the more you have, the faster time will fly.

Structure your working day

The efficiency of office workers declines in summer. There are objective reasons for this, as our body is under a lot of stress when it’s hot outside. We spend a lot of energy trying to adjust to the high temperature and keep it from affecting our wellbeing. Add mental workload on top of that, and you’ve got the picture. In summer, try coming up with a different way to organize your working day. First, tackle the most important jobs in the first half of the working day, when your concentration is fresh, leaving little errands and unfinished tasks for the other half. Second, always make a to-do list for the day with three to five major tasks. Third, wrap your working day up right on time. No working late and staying to finish something up! Your evening should belong to you rather than your boss.

Stay away from social networks and TV

Minimize the use of gadgets and the Internet during working hours. They’re distracting, and it’s hard to see the happy faces of friends and acquaintances enjoying their vacation time when you’re waiting impatiently for yours. You should also try to stay away from the TV at home – it’s best to spend quality time with your friends or relatives, or take a brisk walk outside. Task yourself with replacing the technological noise with the sounds of nature, at least during summer.

Get plenty of healthy sleep and rest

In summer more than ever, it’s important to observe a healthy daily routine. You need to sleep well every night, stay outside as much as possible to get plenty of fresh air, and load up on positive emotions. Especially since all these things are so easy to do when it’s warm and sunny. Take walks in a nearby park. Play with your children. Enjoy the beauty of nature and find something positive in everything around you. As a matter of fact, children know all about enjoying life – you can learn something from them.

Exercise instead of popping sedatives

To cope with stress and unnecessary pressure, psychologists recommend physical exercise. Exercising your muscles helps you compensate for any negativity your body experiences in moments of stress. Also, it’s a lot more enjoyable to do sports outside when it’s warm as opposed to in the other seasons. You might be interested in taking up jogging, Nordic walking, cycling, or yoga. Don’t stop yourself from acting on such initiatives even if they might fizzle out as the cold weather sets in. Time will always tell – just give it a chance.

Good mood is a must!

The power of a smile is unique. It’s not only a result of your good mood, but it can actually be the cause of it, too! We smile when things are good – it’s totally natural. By smiling when we are feeling down, we can actually lift ourselves out of our negative frame of mind. It might sound surprising, but it does work! In summer, when positivity is valued at twice the regular price, you can put yourself in a good mood. Come up with a morning ritual: smile at your reflection in the mirror – openly and sincerely.

A straight back is key to wellbeing

Being healthy and feeling good are especially important in summer, when the heat is unbearable. Make sure you always watch your posture. Keeping a straight back is key to feeling your best. First, keeping your back straight opens your chest cavity and improves lung ventilation. Carbon dioxide, known to cause headaches and fatigue, is removed from your body much faster. Second, good posture encourages proper alignment of your spine, helping to prevent pinched nerves and resulting pains.

Find time for meditation

The explosion in summer of natural colors and good weather combines perfectly with one of the most effective methods of emotional cleansing – meditation. It’s great if you can find a few minutes during your office hours to meditate. If there is a park or a square garden near the office, it will only make the session more effective. Keep in mind that not only does meditation calm you down, it also improves your concentration. All of that helps you avoid losing focus at work. Morning meditation helps you set your mind for a new working day and supercharge with positive energy, while meditating at the end of the day has a soothing and relaxing effect, helping you rest more productively at night. Our selection of meditative sessions is always at your disposal.

Keep a mint plant and a bowl of fruit on your desk

The soothing effect of mint tea is a proven fact. In addition, inhaling the aroma of the essential oils in the mint plant improves memory and promotes concentration. Basil is known to have the same properties. Eating fruit can also give you a positive drive. Make sure to include fruit in your office diet and drink more mint tea. It’s great if you can get yourself a whole plant in a pot, too.

Hydration through and through

In summer, drinking water all the time is important to keep your body toned and compensate for the loss of liquid due to heat. But apart from that, it’s important to get lots of water beyond drinking it. Being in the water is great – this can include taking a shower or bath, bathing in rivers or lakes, or even swimming in the pool. Try carrying around a spray bottle of spring water to keep your skin from getting dehydrated during the day.

Don’t miss your summer!

By wallowing in self-pity and feeling miserable as we count down to a vacation, we are doing ourselves a disservice, robbing ourselves of summer and all the great things it has to offer! As a result, the season passes by practically unnoticed. Don’t let that happen! Summer is here now, and the least you can do is enjoy it to the fullest even if you are not on vacation just yet. Enjoy every single day of it, admire nature, and make every breath count.

Next time, we’ll discuss how to ease back into your work routine after a vacation.

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