“Working past impossible tasks,” or how to see things through

The tactics of accumulating unfinished tasks is most typical of children that find it difficult to keep focused on something for a long time. Often, as they lose interest, they tend to switch over to a new task. However, this kind of behavior is also quite often seen in adults as well. So why do some of us never leave things unfinished, seeing each task through, while others keep putting away unfinished tasks throughout the day? Let’s try and understand the reasons behind this kind of behavior to learn ways to see things through.

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Morally rewarding job: making the daily grind enjoyable

How do you feel about Monday morning? And what do you keep thinking about while travelling to work? How does your working day go: flies by like a flash or drags along with no end in sight? And finally, what is your job to you: a heavy burden or pleasure you get paid for? Too few of us can say our job brings us genuine pleasure. But there are some lucky ones, and quite a few of them, too! Would you like to see how it feels? Then let’s try learning how to enjoy what you are accustomed to considering a boring obligation.

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The paradoxes of productivity

What to do to finish your work on time? Hurry it along, of course! And what do you need to successfully complete a large-scale project? Give it your all and spend every minute of your time on it, having put the rest of the things you need to do away. On the one hand, the answers seem obvious. The truth is, however, they are not entirely correct. How come? Read below to find out.

Boosting productivity is something most of us long for. Especially during the periods of crazy-busy workload with the time ticking away ruthlessly, approaching the deadline. How do we go about improving our performance? Increase the time spent working on the project, speed up our work in every way possible. But that may not affect the work results in any noticeable way, as we remain oblivious to major productivity blocks along the way. Below we give you a few golden rules of productivity that are often ignored.

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How to transition out of holiday mode

According to some studies, looking forward to a vacation ends up being more enjoyable than the vacation itself. It’s also a proven fact that the relaxing effects of a vacation wear off quickly. After just a couple of weeks, we are back in the same boat with our colleagues who are longing for their upcoming vacations. The post-vacation stress adds fuel to the fire. So how can you avoid post-vacation blues and ease back into work effortlessly? Let’s try to figure it out and come up with a miracle recipe.

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Golden rules for preventing pre-vacation syndrome

This May keeps treating us to unusually warm weather. In such circumstances, it’s impossible not to succumb to pre-vacation syndrome, even though the actual vacation season is still far away. How do you avoid going nuts in the office while thinking about what totally feels like summer outside the window? It’s not as hard as it might seem. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules that will help you carry yourself through the warm summer days with enjoyment even though you might not be on vacation just yet.

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What’s digital detox or how to lead a healthy techno-social lifestyle?

Despite the great number of bad habits any adult is guilty of, society in general seems to be gravitating towards a healthier lifestyle. We are realizing that living a healthy life is enjoyable and makes us feel good, and we are revising our diets and schedules to leave space for active rest and sports. But few of us give any thought to another component of a healthy lifestyle – one that is as important for our physical as it is for our psychological well-being. Let’s talk about it below.

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Reaching peak productivity: How to do more while working less

You may have noticed that your productivity varies a lot. Sometimes dealing with all the tasks and issues at hand takes only a couple of hours, while other times you barely make any progress at all. Some of this can be explained by circumstances such as your mood and the way you are feeling at the time. But in most cases, high productivity has to do with periods of peak brain power. We are most productive when we manage to work during our peak hours, while we cannot be as focused and productive during our energy troughs. Knowing that, how can you determine your most active hours and take full advantage of them?

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Why pausing is so important

The life of a modern city dweller is an endless (and often pointless) race that sucks all the strength out of us. We do not give ourselves time to stop or even pause, because we are used to equating time with money. Pausing means voluntarily giving up money and opportunities we could otherwise take advantage of. Does that mean that in order to earn more and do more we must abandon all hope of catching a break? It certainly does not! Today we are going to talk about why pausing is so important.

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